Will Washing Business Uniforms Become a Thing of the Past?

Always-Clean Shirts Image source: Foxnews.com

The title of this article isn't quite as terrifying as it first seems. I don't want you to imagine your employees running around your business with messy hair and reeking of body odor. Personal hygiene will always be important, but in the not-so-distant future washing clothing might become unnecessary.   The folks at Wool & Prince say that they have designed a shirt that can be worn for 100 days without washing. It's kind of hard to believe, isn't it? They claim that their wool shirts suck away moisture so that they don't absorb body odor and constantly need ironing.   If these guys are correct, then this is like a dream come true for business owners. The only thing better than employees wearing custom embroidered uniforms is employees wearing custom embroidered uniforms that are never stinky and never become wrinkled. This is especially promising for business owners of fast food joints, where employees (how shall I put this delicately?) may not always be spring fresh.  Wool Shirt Graphic Image source: Dailymail.co.uk  

Theoretically, this could lead to a minor revolution in the world of fashion and employee clothing. We'll still have to wait and see whether or not these shirts are as magical as Wool & Prince says, but if they are then 100-day clothing could become the new standard for company uniforms. I wouldn't be surprised if other big-name fashion designers swipe Wool & Prince's idea and start manufacturing non-stinky clothes of their own.   Apparently, one of the founding members stepped up to the plate and wore the shirt for 100 days. It's hard to get behind this experiment (you can't exactly trust a company's founder to honestly admit that the product failed), though there might be some merit to the claim.  Always-Clean Shirt Image source: Designtaxi.com

Unfortunately, it will be a while before this type of clothing becomes widespread enough to really benefit big businesses. Wool & Prince will have to get off the ground, consumers will have to give the clothing a whirl to see if it works as well as they claim, and then it will take an even longer time for companies to phase out old uniforms in favor of these always-clean shirts.   The future is promising, kind of like all of those science-fiction shirts that were imagined in Lacoste's visionary video. Don't underestimate the power of custom clothing. T-shirt and dress pant technology may not advance as quickly as computer technology, but scientists and businesses are constantly innovating new ways to change the world through clothing.

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