How Cute Animals in Custom Clothes Can Transform Your Business!

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In light of my recent articles about popular culture and the Internet, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the one thing that pop culture and the Internet absolutely adore: cute, fuzzy animals.  

It all started with lolcats, pictures of semi-literate cats that express their frustration and enthusiasm in barely understandable Internet jargon. YouTube certainly helped things along by providing a platform for video after video of puppies, kittens, and sneezing pandas.   Bear in a Sweater Image source:

You might want to consider tapping into the marketing potential of cute animals. Plenty of companies have tried that strategy and so far it’s worked pretty well. A Doritos commercial went semi-viral with a chip-craving pug. Subaru released a series of commercials about selling cars to dogs.   But wait. What do animals have to do with custom clothing? Animals don’t wear clothing!  

Oh, but they do.   Dogs in duds, cats in hats, and fuzzy animals wearing fashionable ensembles can draw attention to your business in a truly unique way. These photographs by Yago Partal prove just how eye-catching animal commercials can be. Why does a bear need a sweater? Why is that rhino wearing a leather jacket? Because it's cute! Do you really need a better reason than that?  Rhino in Leather Jacket Image source:

The easiest way to harness the marketing power of adorable puppies and other animals is to portray them in commercials and billboards. Dress them up like humans and you'll have a marketing tool with the potential to go viral. Others have already succeeded with human-animal videos. Old Spice has earned nearly 2 million views by giving a dog a ridiculous human-like body and a voice. These two well-dressed dogs have achieved Internet fame thanks to a couple of sweaters.  

Can you believe it? Two dogs, two sweaters, 19,288,345 views.   Commercials aren't the only way to market your brand through irresistibly adorable animals. You could always give a lovable pooch a custom t-shirt and have him walk around town for a quick marketing boost. For example, let's say that there's a major festival in the area. You could have all of your employees bring their dogs to the festival and give each of your fuzzy marketers a custom t-shirt with a catchy phrase and your company logo printed on the back. A stunt like that would easily generate marketing buzz as festival goers snap photos of the dressed-up dogs and ask their friends, "Have you see any dogs wearing blue those blue t-shirts? They're so cute!"  

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Just remember: cute sells. Cute works. People love cute. Don't be afraid to harness the power of cute animals as you market your business. Big name companies like Old Spice and Doritos don't hesitate to fill commercials with puppies and adorable animals, so why shouldn't you get in on the action as well?

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