4 Ways to Score Big by Sponsoring a Local Sports Team

Sports Team Sponsored by Anotronic Image source: Anotronic.co.uk

Small businesses have a bunch of different marketing options. They could buy some air time on the local radio station or TV channel, they could put up a billboard, and they can start up an aggressive social marketing campaign. One of the biggest problems with advertising is that you waste a lot of money advertising to people who will never buy your brand. Billboards will be seen by a lot of different people, but only a small percentage of viewers will actually take the billboard's suggestion. You can cut down on wasted expenses by targeting your advertisements at a very specific demographic that's likely to buy your brand. If your business targets sports fans, parents, or families then you may want to consider sponsoring a local sports team with custom jerseys. You'd be amazed by all the benefits!  

1. An Eager Business Partner

Every sports team needs a uniform, and every local business owner needs a way to advertise. Naturally, these two groups fit together like peas in a pod. Local sports teams will be more than willing to accept sponsorship from local companies, and in some sporting events announcers might even give a hat tip to all of the team's sponsors. Depending on what kind of deal you strike, you could transform a local sports team into a commercial for your company.  

Nationwide Sports Billboard Image source: Dispatch.com[/caption]  

2. Targeted Demographic

One of the great things about sponsoring sports teams is that you always have a pretty good idea of who will see the advertisements. If you sponsor a local high school team, then your advertisements will make impressions on a bunch of parents and teenagers. That's a perfect opportunity for companies like restaurants that are trying to attract families and young spenders. If you sponsor a soccer team for ten-year-olds, then you can be certain that your primary audience will be parents with young children -- perfect for day cares or similar organizations.  

3. Parents Love their Children

When you give a kid a custom uniform with your company logo on the back of it, you're automatically going to make a huge impression on that kid's parents. The parents will be grateful that you're helping their kid pursue his hobby. And on top of that, those parents will see your logo every weekend as they cheer on their children in weekly matches.   Young Sports Team with Business Sponsorship Image source: Facebook.com   

4. Meet the Neighbors

Sports teams travel! Every away game takes a team to a neighboring county where they compete against rivals. This is marketing gold for advertisers because the sports teams act as mobile billboards. Custom sports uniforms will allow you to advertise to neighboring counties without wasting money on non-local billboards or TV commercials. Plus, you will hit the jackpot if your sponsored team becomes a state champ or makes it to some sort of local championship -- you can expect your team to travel all across the state as they compete against the best of the best.  

Don't underestimate the marketing power of sponsoring your local sports team! Investing in custom jerseys will help your company score a grand slam, a touch down, and a 3-pointer!

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