Truckers in Uniform: Local Company, National Reach

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Truckers have one main goal: transport goods from point A to point B. While this is undoubtedly the most important role of truckers, it's not the only service that truckers can provide. Truly clever business owners understand the marketing power behind truckers and big rigs. Truckers can act as mobile billboards that advertise your brand from coast to coast.  

One of the best ways to do that is plaster a custom graphic on the side of your truck, but that mostly only works on a business-to-consumer level. Drivers will see the product's name, which will translate into increased spending the next time they head over to the mall or supermarket.   But that's just one aspect of trucker-based advertising. Custom clothing allows a business to tap into the business-to-business aspect of advertising by transforming truckers into mobile marketers for your brand.  Walmart Truck Driver Image source:

I touched on this a bit in a previous article -- the right clothing can help instill confidence in your clients by showing them that you care about your company's appearance as much as you care about the goods. More importantly, custom clothing allows you to cheaply and efficiently market to potential clients who would otherwise be way out of your reach.  

I mean, let's talk about how much bang you get for your buck when you advertise. If you put up a billboard, then you'll be able to advertise to a lot of local business owners and consumers. As great as that is, your potential viewer base is limited to the amount of people who drive by your billboard. The same goes for local TV commercials -- they just don't reach a very wide demographic. Internet advertisements are fairly passive, but they have world-spanning reach. All of these advertisement methods will cost you a hefty chunk of change.   Billboards in Times Square Image source:

Compare that to a custom uniform. Give your trucker a customized company uniform and it will set you back a few hundred dollars at most. And as a return for that investment, you get to advertise your brand to the business owners and distributors who deal with your products and services on a daily basis. You don't waste money on a commercial or billboard that most people won't care about -- your investment goes directly towards making an impression on the people who interact with your truckers.  

And best of all, these truckers will give you the type of reach that you just can't replicate with other types of advertisements. If your company is based in Virginia and you send a trucker all the way out to California, then you've created a mobile advertisement that will make impressions in dozens of states.   Listen, I'm not saying that custom clothing is the ultimate end-all beat-all advertising medium. I'm just trying to point out that giving your truckers a custom uniform will allow you to advertise your brand to a very specific audience over a huge area, and all for just a tiny bit of money. Custom clothing is easily one of the most efficient and cost-effective advertising schemes out there.  

Don't miss out! Spend a few bucks on a custom uniform -- it could help you make a good impression on clients and secure thousands of dollars in new contracts.

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