Check Out the 7 Hottest Summer Fashion Trends for 2013!

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Spring is in the air, so it's about time that we sat down and went over all of the hot fashion trends for spring and summer this year. Hold onto your pants, because we're about to dive into the glamorous, slightly weird world of high fashion!  


I touched on this a little while ago with the nautical post. Nautical fashion is pretty big this year, and stripes are just as popular. If you want to play with some trendy designs in 2013, then you can't go wrong with white-on-blue or blue-on-white stripes.  Striped Fashion Image source:


Checkers are also back in a big way. I think we have Louis Vuitton to thank for that, with their love of checkerboard logo patterns on their purses. Fashion designers have followed suit with checkerboard dresses and shoes.   Checkered Fashion Image source:   

Slogan Sweaters

Usually you see slogans on sweatshirts and t-shirts, but somehow terminology found its way onto knit sweaters this year. Maybe the hipsters are to blame.  

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Fashion designers have been channelling their inner pirate by throwing ruffles on their models.   Ruffle Clothing Image source:

This is one of the new trends that I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around. I just can't get the Seinfeld puffy shirt episode out of my head. Avast, ye matey!  


Gray is pretty big this year -- don't ask me why. I guess fashion designers finally ran out of new colors.  Gray Dress in Fashion Image source:


Why did the fashion designers run out of colors? Probably because they used all of their orange fabric making all-orange dresses. Single-tone outfits are big this year. This is great news for companies that have monochromatic logos. Apparently, your employees will embody high fashion if they walk around in single-tone uniforms.  

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Ironic '90s Fashion

Look at how cool these people are. Yes, their outfits look dumb, but that's the whole point. They're so cool that they're cool in spite of what they're wearing.  

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I'm confused, though. How are we supposed to tell the difference between ironically bad fashion and genuinely bad fashion? Maybe this trend is a little bit of both.

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