Rock Out! 5 Reasons Why Custom Clothing Rules Music Festivals

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Music festivals and custom clothing go hand-in-hand. Well, most music festivals love custom clothing -- Burning Man is kind of an exception. People who attend that festival generally aren't that big on clothes in general.  

For the non-nudists out there, custom clothing has a huge range of advantages that makes it a must-have for start up bands and trendy organizations. Are you hoping to spread the word about your group at an upcoming local music festival? Take a look a the top five reasons why custom clothing is the go-to solution.  

1. Express Yourself

Music festivals are all about freedom of expression. You've got dozens of different bands and thousands of music lovers, each one with a unique opinion that they're eager to share through music, song, and dance.  

Music festivals are the perfect environment for expression because everybody comes there with the expectation of listening. You can use custom clothing to share your beliefs about politics, war, love, music, or anything else that moves you. Music festivals even let you experiment with unorthodox clothing -- like slapping slogans on bikini bottoms at Miami's Ultra Music Festival, for example.    

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Or look at Bob Marley shirts and rasta berets -- they usally carry some sort of subtle political messages built into the design.  

2. Clothing Won't Get Drowned Out by Killer Guitar Solos

Music festivals are loud -- so loud that you can't even talk to the person next to you without screaming. If you're trying to promote a message at a music festival, then visual advertisements are the only way to go. It doesn't matter how hard the musicians are rocking out on stage -- a customized t-shirt with an eye-catching logo will always stand out. Just be sure to select color schemes and graphics that can compete with strobe lights and pyrotechnics.  

3. You Already Know Your Audience

One of the great things about music festivals is that you already know what your audience is going to be like. That makes it incredibly easy to customize your advertisements to appeal to a very specific demographic. Country music festivals will probably be filled with good ol' boys, and edgy rock concerts will likely be packed with open-minded collegiates.  Crowd Surfing at a Music Festival Image source:   

Knowing your audience is key to any marketing campaign. It allows you to create a more powerful message and it means that you won't have to waste your money marketing to people who aren't interested in your message. Capitalize on this marketing opportunity by designing a custom clothing graphic that will attract your targeted demographic.  

4. Eager Shoppers

For the entrepreneurs out there, music festivals are a great way to earn some extra cash. Half-drunk music lovers will gladly dish out a few bucks for a t-shirt with the band's name. Everybody loves a souvenir!  

5. Word of Mouth Advertisments

Bands rely on word of mouth marketing. An aspiring rock star can't exactly rent a billboard to get people to come to his next gig -- people will think he's a sellout. Band t-shirts, hats, and other custom clothing options give bands a way to make a name for themselves.
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