Dressed for Success: Use Custom Clothing to Create a Unique Brand Identity

Brand Identity Logo Image source: Ignaziolaci.com

In many ways, the single most important thing that a company can own is its brand identity. Most companies compete against dozens, possibly even hundreds of rivals who are all creating nearly identical products. This is especially true for companies like restaurants or retail stores. How many different burger joints are there spread out across America? They're all making cheeseburgers in some form or another, so why should a customer ever choose one restaurant over another?   That's where brand identity comes in. I'm not trying to say that brand is the sole deciding factor for consumers, but it's definitely important. Brand identity helps to bring in customers with specific objectives or philosophies by appealing to those unique traits. A burger joint that promotes an eco-friendly image with naturally raised animals is fundamentally different from a burger joint promotes quick convenience and a down-home country feel. Each restaurant will attract drastically different customers even though they're both serving beef, bread, and fries.  

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Custom clothing plays a critical role in establishing brand identity. This is all tied into the complicated psychology of clothing and individual identity. Science has unequivocally proven that clothing affects how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. It's really no surprise that the right outfit is crucial in cultivating the right identity.  

Clothing has the oh-so-important role of giving people their first impression of you. Do you look professional? A dress shirt and tie say "yes." Are you approachable? A polo shirt, khakis, and a warm smile make you appear relaxed and friendly. Are you trendy? A t-shirt with a custom screen printed graphic speaks to younger audiences.   In fact, you can expect customers to form a first impression of your business within the first five seconds of stepping inside. Have you ever walked into a business, taken a look around, and turned around to leave? I know I have. This is usually because there's some sort of mix-up in how the company presents its image.  

I remember the last time that happened, I was walking along a shopping area with my better half. We were looking for a nice place to eat when we spotted a restaurant that looked like an all-American sit down restaurant. As soon as we stepped inside, we realized that it was a noisy sports bar and went elsewhere. The disconnect between the restaurant's interior and its exterior had a confusing impact on customers.   Brand Identity Logo Image source: Justcreative.com

In much the same way, it's vital that you create consistency between your company's brand identity and its custom clothing in order to promote a coherent public image. You don't want employees in a casual, trendy business to wear dress shirts and you don't want employees in a highly professional field to show up in jeans and a t-shirt.   Take full advantage of custom clothing options to take your company's brand identity to the next level. Your company's custom uniform will leave a long-lasting impression on your customers. But here's the big question: is it the right impression?

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