Driving Up Sales with Custom Uniforms at Car Dealerships

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Buying a car is a big deal. It costs thousands of dollars and it represents a purchase that a person will be stuck with for years -- possibly decades.   That kind of puts car dealers in a rough position. Selling a car technically isn't different from selling shoes or anything else; you just show the customer the product and try to get them to buy it. In practice, though, selling a car is much more difficult than selling other products because there's so much anxiety and careful consideration that goes into a car purchase.  

That's why car dealers need every advantage they can get, including custom uniforms. Customized uniforms offer car dealerships a wide range of advantages that you just can't get through other means.  

Become a Car Expert

Studies have proven time and time again that our clothing affects how people perceive us. Put on a lab coat and a stethoscope and suddenly people will think that you're more intelligent. Put on a business suit and people will generally treat you with more respect. Put on a police officer's uniform and people will see you as a symbol of authority. It's crazy to think that something as simple as a shirt can change how people regard you, but science has proven that clothes make the man.  

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The same is true for car dealers. If you put on an official uniform bearing the logo of the car that you're trying to sell, then people will tend to regard you as a car expert. They will be more willing to believe you when the car has such and such mileage, and they'll generally accept all of your explanations about maintenance and warranties.  

Confidence is a critical component in sales. Consumers need to be confident in the product, and they have to be confident that you know what you're talking about. The right uniform can put customers' minds at ease as you answer all of their complicated technical questions about car maintenance and payment plans.  

Become a Better Salesman

As a car dealer, your income is directly affected by your ability to close deals on cars. Naturally, you'd want to do anything within your power to become a better salesman, right? Well, believe it or not, putting on a custom uniform could actually make you a better salesman.   I know that sounds like a load of bull, but studies have proven that your clothing affects how you behave and how you think. Researchers found that whenever people put on uniforms, they tend to act more like the people who regularly wear that uniform. If you put on a police officer's uniform then you will likely feel more confident and assertive. Once you put on your company uniform, you will feel more motivated to get out on the lot and make sales. Car Keys Image source: Mcguirelocksmith.com

Who knew there was this much science behind clothing? Don't skimp out when it comes to a professional custom uniform for your car dealership. Custom uniforms may represent an upfront investment, but it will more than pay itself off as you sell car after car with motivated car dealers and confident customers.

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