Express Your Faith with Customized Religious Clothing

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I saw a guy the other day whose boss was a Jewish carpenter. How do I know that? Well, it was fairly obvious -- it was written across his t-shirt.   Religious organizations (especially Christian ones) and custom clothing have always had a tight relationship. It's really not surprising when you think about all of the unique benefits that custom clothing can provide for church groups and similar organizations.  

Faith as Identity

If you ask a hardcore believer to describe himself, odds are fairly good that he'll mention his faith. Some religious people see their faith as more than a belief system -- they see it as a way of life that transcends politics or whim. That's why so many religious people choose to wear symbols of their faith; it's a public announcement of "This is who I am! I'm a Christian who wears a cross!" Or, "I'm Jewish and I wear a yarmulke!" Basketball Team Wearing Yarmulkes Image source:

Custom clothing gives religious people the opportunity to declare their faith in a much more public manner, sharing passages from their holy book of choice.  

Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Church groups, religious-based charities, and similar organizations often rally around a central set of religious ideals. It's not uncommon to see dozens of people from the same church wearing matching t-shirts with the address and name of their beloved house of worship.  Church Group Wearing Pink Shirts Image source:

Custom clothing is a great tool for religious organizations because it gives them the opportunity to unite under a common banner. It's pretty much the exact type of in-group psychology that you'd see at a sports team or a political rally. People feel camaraderie with people who share the same ideals, and the easiest way to identify other people that are like you is with customized clothing.  

Spreading the Word

For most businesses and organizations, advertising is simply a means to an end. Businesses want to advertise their brand so that customers will buy products or order services. Church groups and religious organizations break the mold. Depending on the specific denomination, many religious groups care about advertising itself. Christians, Mormons, and Muslims are particularly well-known for this, as they will go out of their way to convert strangers. Custom clothing can help support that cause, especially if the clothing features verses from holy texts or inspirational messages.   Man with Jesus Signs Image source:

Religiously Mandated Clothing

Some religions require that followers wear special articles of clothing. These holy garments tend to be fairly conservative, but in this day and age people like to push the envelope by coming up with new ways to express themselves. Adding a message or a unique design to your yarmulke, turban, or hijab could be a rather unorthodox way to express yourself.
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