Brand Name vs Generic: Selecting the Right Price for Your Custom Clothing

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Part of the appeal of buying expensive, brand-name clothing is you get to show it off. Nowadays designers absolutely love to slather their products with initials and logos. Look at Louis Vuitton -- it's not hard to find a purse that's literally covered in LV abbreviations. This is a brilliant marketing move because the logos serve a dual purpose. Not only do they advertise to other shoppers, but they also allow customers to show off their expensive tastes.  

But what happens when you get rid of all of those logos? Will that Abercombie & Fitch shirt still look pricey if you get rid of the moose? Will the Louis Vuitton purse still look expensive if you erase all of those letters? Yes and no. The article of clothing will still be high quality, but it won't have as much of a social impact as it used to have.  

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If you're in the market for custom clothing, then that leaves you with a tough decision. Do you spring for top-shelf clothes even though it won't have the original logo, or would you rather save a bit of cash and opt for cheaper off-brand clothes? After all, people won't see the brand logo, which is half of what you're paying for normally. It seems silly to spend so much cash on marketing that you don't even get to take advantage of.  

First off, let's state the obvious: going with a generic brand will save you money. But just because generic brands are cheaper that doesn't mean that you should automatically overlook them in favor of something that's higher quality. What if you're using the clothing for a temporary marketing campaign? It would be kind of silly to spend extra money on high-quality clothing when your promotional team will only wear the clothes for a few days. In cases like that, you're definitely better off taking the more cost effective route. Sometimes, it's a good idea to use every money-saving technique available so that your business can grow and reap the profits later. Besides, a lot of people won't even know the difference.  Generic vs Brand Name Comparison Image source:

The longer people are going to wear your custom clothing, the more tempting brand name clothing becomes. Let's take Nike, for example. Nike is a fairly well trusted name in the world of sports. If you're creating custom sports gear that will go through some serious wear and tear, then you should spring for top-shelf equipment. You can expect Nike gear to withstand tackles, grass stains, and sweat better than generic gear.  

Another important factor to consider is comfort. If you're designing custom uniforms for your employees, then it's important to remember that your employees will wear the uniform for up to eight hours a day. There's a lot to be said for comfort and quality. Higher-quality clothing could lead to better morale and a friendlier work environment.  

Evaluate everything on a case-by-case basis so that you can make the optimal purchase every time. Should you order $23.95 Alo t-shirt for your week-long promotional event? Nah, you're probably better off going with Carhartt's $11.99 tee. Save the higher-quality shirt for the official uniforms that your employees will wear every day for years.

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