The Top 5 Groups that Need Custom Clothing!

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In order to benefit from custom clothing, all you need is something to say. Of course, there are some groups that have much more to say than others. Today we're going to take a look at five groups that absolutely adore custom clothing!  

5. Bands

Bands rely almost exclusively on word-of-mouth marketing. Businesses have it easy -- they can just buy a billboard or purchase commercial air time. Any band that purchased advertisements would immediately be labeled as a sellout and lose half of their fan base.   Wearing a Band T-Shirt Image source:

If you aspire to be the next Paul McCartney, then pretty much the only marketing opportunities available to you are social media, radio, and fan-to-fan interaction. Get the word out about your music by designing some trendy custom t-shirts. Plus, it'll help your band earn a little extra cash on the side.  

4. Church Groups

Church groups are kind of strange when you think about it. Most organizations have some sort of ultimate objective in mind. Charities advertise because they want donations. Bands advertise because they want more people to show up to their next gig. Businesses advertise because they want to drive up profits. Church groups aren't interested in any of that -- the advertising itself is the motivation.    Church Group in Custom Clothes I

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Many churches take prosthelytizing seriously, leading charities and public events in order to talk to people about religion. Custom clothing is one of the easiest ways to spread your religious views. Getting a complete stranger to talk to you about deities can be tricky, especially since a lot of people will flee at the mere suggestion of a sermon. A simple t-shirt that tells the world what you believe in can allow you to prosthelytize to dozens of people at once without stepping on any toes.  

3. Sports Teams

What kind of sports team doesn't have a jersey? Well, considering that most sports leagues have strict uniform regulations, the answer is "disqualified ones."  

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Selecting the right jersey for your team is an important step towards that coveted season championship. I know it seems silly that a colorful article of clothing could be so important, but what can I say? We humans love to rally around symbols. Boost your team's morale with top-notch customized jerseys.  

2. Charities

Charities care about one thing more than anything else: money. Once those donations start coming in, charities can direct that money to important humanitarian efforts like cancer research or feeding the poor. The second most important thing for any charity is presence, because a strong presence translates into bigger donations.  

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Charities rely on people to get the word out with bumper stickers, Facebook likes, bracelets, and custom clothing. Nothing quite says, "Check out this organization" like a swarm of 1,000 people with identical pink shirts marching through the middle of a town.  

1. Businesses

Without doubt, businesses are the number one consumer of custom clothing. It's hardly surprising -- after all, business owners have to outfit hundreds, possibly even thousands of employees in spiffy custom uniforms. For gigantic companies like McDonalds and Walmart, we're literally talking about millions of dollars in custom clothing. Business owners don't really have much choice in the matter -- if you want your employees to maintain a professional image when they interact with customers, then custom clothing is an absolute priority.  McDonald's Retro Uniform Image source:
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