4 Ways to Add Nautical Flare to Your Custom Clothing

Nautical Fashion Image source: Blogs.dailyrecord.co.uk

We've been keeping a close eye on fashion blogs, runways, and big-name designers, and there's one thing that's abundantly clear: nautical fashion is back in a big way in 2013. Spring and nautical fashion naturally go hand-in-hand, so you can expect to see a veritable sea (no pun intended) of blue stripes, anchors, and boat shoes as people gear up for a yacht trip -- even though most people will probably never get anywhere near the water in their high-priced outfits. Kind of ironic, isn't it?  

In any event, you can easily take advantage of this fashion trend with your own custom clothing designs. Follow these simple tips to give your group or business a fresh, oceanic theme.  

Blue and White

Take a white article of clothing, throw in some navy blue, and bam! You've got yourself a trendy nautical outfit. It's really hard to go wrong with these two colors -- the bright white and dark blue naturally complement each other, and this dynamic duo has remained fashionable for decades. You definitely don't have to worry about running any risks with a blue and white custom clothing. These colors will still be in fashion years from now.   [caption id="attachment_1936" align="aligncenter" width="450"]

Blue and White Nautical Fashion Image source: Downandoutchic.blogspot.com

Coral, Aquamarine, Cerulean, and Emerald

Blue and white are certainly the most common nautical colors, but there's a huge range of color options. Stand apart with blue-green colors like emerald and cerulean. If you're prefer slightly warmer colors, you can always opt for coral.   Woman in Aquamarine Dress Image source: Lifestyle.inquirer.net


We have old-fashioned sailors to thank for the explosion of stripes in the fashion world. Naval sailors would wear blue uniforms with white stripes, and somehow that translated into the world of brand-name fashion. If you decide to incorporate stripes into your custom outfits, keep in mind that nautical fashion almost always goes with horizontal stripes.  

Nautical Stripes Image source: Summerinnewportblog.com

Anchors and Ship Graphics

Just in case the blue and white stripes didn't tip people off, designers like to sew gigantic boat, ship wheel, and anchor designs into their clothing. I generally wouldn't recommend using these graphics if you're a business owner because you want viewers to focus on your logo, not the silhouette of a sailboat. T-shirts are the one exception -- you can incorporate nautical designs onto your t-shirt because t-shirts often have huge graphics on both the front and the back. That gives you plenty of space to create an eye-catching graphic while having enough room left over to add your company logo.   Nautical Graphics Image soruce: Turneduptoeleven.blogspot.com
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