Why Professional Uniforms for First Responders Can Save Lives

[caption id="attachment_1751" align="aligncenter" width="592"]EMS Group Image source: Greenlandfire.com[/caption]   A blaring horn, the screech of tires, and then the sound of twisted metal scraping against pavement. The unthinkable has happened -- a terrible car wreck has put lives in jeopardy. After a few tense minutes, paramedics arrive on scene. The flashing lights of the ambulance helps the emergency response vehicle stick out in dense traffic, but what about the paramedics themselves? How will they stand out in a crowd full of frightened and confused people?   With their uniforms, of course.   Whenever people think of custom uniforms, generally the first thing that comes to mind is private corporations that want company uniforms. Public institutions like police squads, paramedics, and fire fighters also rely heavily on easily recognizable uniforms. In fact, it's safe to say that these uniforms are a matter of life and death. When Murphy's law strikes and everything goes south, the public depends on trained professionals to come to the rescue. Uniforms help first responders stand out and assert their authority over a crowd of strangers.   [caption id="attachment_1749" align="aligncenter" width="601"]EMT Training Image source: Firetrainingcenter.com[/caption]   Selecting uniforms for public institutions can be tricky. On the one hand, it's absolutely imperative that emergency medical technicians show up fully dressed in an official uniform. On the other hand, the general public expects government groups to spend tax dollars responsibly. How can you balance high-quality uniforms with thrifty shopping strategies?   The best solution is to shop around for great custom clothing options. Private hospitals generally don't have to worry about the cost of uniforms because they make tons of money, but public EMT squads rely on high-quality, affordable custom clothing options to get the most bang for the public's buck.   [caption id="attachment_1750" align="alignnone" width="2438"]Group of Emergency Medical Technicians Image source: Cityoffairfieldbay.com[/caption]   When it comes to designing a custom uniform for EMT professionals, it's almost always a good idea to stick with tradition. If you mess with convention, you might end up with silly conversations like this one:   Woman: "Help! Is anybody here a doctor!? This young child is dying!"   EMT: "Move aside, Miss. I'll take care of this."   Woman: "Uh, who are you?"   EMT: "I'm a first responder. Please, let me do my job."   Woman: "You're a first responder? What's with your uniform? You look like a milk man."   Little boy: "Please stop arguing. I'm dying! Blargh!"   EMT uniforms should be instantly recognizable. Draw on traditional designs by incorporating lots of blues, whites, and blacks. Not only will the general public recognize the EMTs instantaneously, but these stable colors also give off a feeling of security and professionalism.   [caption id="attachment_1752" align="aligncenter" width="600"]First Respnders Image source: Chron.com[/caption]   Past that, you do have a little bit of wiggle room. Some EMTs have t-shirts with giant EMT logos on the back, while others go with button-down shirts with double pockets. Regardless of which style you pick, be sure that the overall look fits within the classic EMT style.   At the end of the day, a good uniform could literally save lives. People expect to see symbols of authority in times of crisis, so a sharp first responder uniform can make the difference between bystanders running around in a panic and following instructions.  
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