3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Custom Running or Biking Jersey

[caption id="attachment_1737" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Bike Tour Image source: 1.bp.blogspot.com[/caption]   When it comes to advertising real estate, nothing beats the clothing of an athletic person. I mean, think about it: they have advantages in pretty much every category that you could possibly hope for. Bikers, runners, and joggers stick out in the middle of a crowd. Not only do they draw attention with their sharp movements, but they also tend to wear bright colors (occasionally including reflective gear). As if that wasn't already promising enough, bikers and runners tend to weave through some of the busiest areas of a city, whipping past huge crowds and stopping to stretch at busy intersections. All you need is a custom screen printed t-shirt or jersey, and you can transform a group of joggers into a team of mobile billboards ready to sell your brand.   As you might expect, designing custom clothing for athletic people has unique requirements. These tips can help you create a unique athletic jersey that will spread brand awareness through the region.  

1. Create a Big, Bold Design

  [caption id="attachment_1739" align="aligncenter" width="416"]Relay for Life T-Shirt Design Image source: Portlandhatescancer.com[/caption]   One important thing to keep in mind with athletic clothing is that viewers probably won't see a jersey for more than a few seconds. Bikers will zip past you and be in your field of vision for a brief instant before disappearing around a corner. So, you definitely don't want to create small, intricate designs with tiny wording. You want clear, crisp designs that are easy to read at a glance, especially while the biker or runner is moving away from the reader. Go for sharp contrast by utilizing complementary colors or bold, instantly recognizable logos.  

2. Emphasize the Back of the Shirt or Jersey

  [caption id="attachment_1738" align="aligncenter" width="445"]Relay for Life Shirts Image source: Crestviewbulletin.com[/caption]   Think of a jersey or running shirt kind of like a bumper sticker. There's a good reason why bumper stickers are almost always on the backs of cars -- people generally don't pay attention to a car until it's in front of them. The same goes for runners. If you're walking down a sidewalk or a hiking trail, you probably won't even notice a group of runners or bikers until they fly past you. By then, the only part of them that you can actually see is the backs of their shirts. You should generally focus your design by placing a large logo on the back of your shirt. Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't put a logo on the front of your shirt. You can do that, too; just don't overlook the prime real estate on the back of your sports jersey.   Proper branding is especially important for large non-profit organizations like Relay for Life, which distribute free and for-donation t-shirts. Sharing your logo with the world will get more people involved and eventually bring in tons of donations to support your cause.  

3. Stick with Bright Colors

  [caption id="attachment_1740" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Cyclist in Bright Colors Image source: Bdnpull.bangorpublishing.netdna-cdn.com[/caption]   Bright colors serve a double function for runners and bikers. For marketers, the bright colors will make your brand stick out in the brown and green wilderness or the grey of a metropolis. For the runners, bright colors increase visibility and reduce the risk of accidents.   Follow these simple steps, and you can create a custom athletic outfit that will bring powerful marketing potential to your biking or running group. Just think: with a few runners or cyclists carrying your logo all throughout the city, you can create a powerful marketing campaign that's sure to boost your business.  
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