Will Google Glasses and Custom Clothing Forever Change Marketing?

[caption id="attachment_1717" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Google Glass Image source: Talkandroid.com[/caption]   Google Glass is on the horizon, and it's poised to completely transform modern society. Not only will it finally give public access to sci-fi space goggles that science fiction writers have been promising us for years, but this technology will also fundamentally alter how we interact with the world. It will change marketing, social networking, national digital recording laws, and it even stands to change custom clothing.   How, you ask? Well, this goes back to what I was talking about just the other day with the number of views that an article of clothing gets. Imagine if marketers could somehow figure out a way to incorporate custom clothing into social media marketing. The folks behind Google Glass are already working on ways to identify people based on the types of clothes they wear. Just imagine what marketing would be like if we could somehow incorporate word of mouth marketing into the equation.   [caption id="attachment_1718" align="alignnone" width="1600"]Google Glass Technology Image source: Sixrodriguez.blogspot.com[/caption]   Whenever somebody with Google Glasses lays eyes on a custom article of clothing with your company logo on it, there are a near endless number of marketing opportunities. The glasses could advertise to the person wearing the glasses, reward the person wearing the clothes, or both.   Suppose, for example, that there was a shirt that read, "Interested in finding more about <Your Company>? Visit the website for 50% off your first purchase!" Curious, the person wearing Google Glasses visits the website, and the glasses automatically enter a promotional code that's embedded within the design of the shirt. Bam! Instantaneous social marketing.   That also creates incentives for everyday shoppers to go out and advertise the brand. Most people are willing to walk around wearing a jersey with their favorite sports team or a sweatshirt with their favorite product's logo. It wouldn't be that much of a stretch to add a QR code to the design. That way, the person wearing the article of clothing could be rewarded every time somebody with Google Glasses looks at his shirt. Suppose that a person wearing your logo walks out into Times Square. If you offer a one cent discount for every view, then that person could rack up $10 in discounts as a reward for advertising your brand to 1000 strangers.   [caption id="attachment_1719" align="aligncenter" width="640"]QR Code T-shirt Image source: Speckyboy.com[/caption]   It'd be a win-win situation for everybody involved. The people wearing the custom clothing get access to promotional deals and free stuff, shoppers with Google Glasses can take advantage of unexpected sales, and companies get free advertising.   Granted, it will probably take a few years for this technology to really kick off, but as soon as the first Google Glasses store opens its doors there will be a flurry of inventive marketing strategies. Don't get blown away by your competition -- seize the moment and use custom clothing to create one of the most inventive and profitable marketing strategies of the 21st century.  
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