Shopping Tips: The Best Custom Clothing Options for Subzero Companies

Shopping Tips: The Best Custom Clothing Options for Subzero Companies

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I went to Niagara Falls recently and man oh man was it freezing. Or, to use my exact words at the time, it was "fuh-fuh-fuh-freezing." There was about a foot of snow, it was windy, and chunks of ice were tumbling down the falls. Worst of all, the waterfalls kicked up a constant plume of freezing mist that smacked onlookers across the face and instantly froze in the subzero temperatures. I thought I'd be warm in my waterproof jacket, hat, and thermal pants, but I found myself daydreaming about a few more layers.  

That frigid excursion inspired today's blog topic. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to work a nine to five job in a heated office. Some workers forsake cubicles and office desks in favor of frozen roads, icy trails, and relentless blizzards. Hot mugs of coffee and improved heating systems just aren't going to cut it for keeping  your employees healthy. Outdoorsy companies located in the unforgiving North might want to invest in some toasty warm custom embroidery clothing options for those long winter months.  


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Let's start with the most important part of any good winter wardrobe: your jacket. Selecting custom embroidered jackets can be tricky because it's not always easy to predict what conditions your employees will have to endure. Jackets that are too thin will leave your employees shivering, and jackets that are too thick will be unnecessarily burdensome.

Generally speaking, my recommendation is to go with thicker coats. If the weather gets warmer, your employees can always shed a few layers to cool off. If the weather suddenly gets colder, however, then your employees are stuck with whatever they have at the moment.  


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Fleece jackets are a reliable option for just about any outdoorsy company. You can wear a fleece jacket underneath a coat to add that extra layer of warmth, and you can always go with fleece by itself during those chilly autumn days. What I like most about fleece jackets is that they're so incredibly versatile. They're ideal when the temperature is chilly, they're warm enough that you can get by on cold days, and yet they're so breathable that you can comfortably wear one in warmer weather.  


Ever hear that old phrase that you lose 90 percent of your heat through your head? That's completely bogus. The real number is actually much closer to 10 percent. While it's true that our head does get an enormous amount of blood (and therefore a lot of heat), our heads just don't cover enough surface area to lose that much body heat.

  Russian Army Soldiers in Hats

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Still, you need to get a warm winter hat. There's nothing quite like having the fine spray of Lake Erie splash across your cheeks to make you appreciate the comfort of a fuzzy hat. Getting a custom embroidered hat is a great option for outdoorsy companies.   The most important thing about customized hats is that they will make all of your employees maintain a uniform appearance. Otherwise, one of your employees could show up with earmuffs, another could wear a Russian hat with ear flaps, and a third employee might not show up with any hat at all.

The second big thing is that people tend to look at faces before anything else. Placing your company logo right next to your employees' faces will practically guarantee that potential customers spot your company logo.

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