Shopping Tips: The Best Custom Clothing Options for Smart Casual Companies

Smart Casual Dress Code

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Without a doubt, smart casual is my favorite dress style. It's just got the perfect balance for the modern world. On the one hand it's formal; everyone's expected to break out their best wardrobe and look sharp. On the other hand it's not too formal; men can get away without wearing a tie and women don't have to default to a stuffy dress suit.

The only problem with it is that shopping for smart casual can be pretty tricky.   Why? Well, of all of the dress codes, smart casual is the most diverse. As long as the article of clothing is formal and it looks good, then it's a-okay. Classic blazers are optional. Ties are optional. Khakis are optional. You can have some people walk into the office with jeans and a formal top and another person show up in black slacks, and sharp vest. Women can pull off business suits if they like, but they could go for a stylish dress or a two-piece outfit.  


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That doesn't leave a lot of room for custom embroidered clothing. I mean, smart casual is literally the least uniform of all the dress styles, so how can you tie together so many different outfits in a standardized dress code? How can you incorporate a company logo when one guy's wearing a vest, another guy's wearing a dress shirt, one woman is wearing a dress, and another is in a dress suit?   Accessorize! That's always the key to fashion, isn't it? You can easily unite all of your trendy employees under a common brand with the right outfit add-ons. Attaches, briefcases, and totes allow your employees to express their individuality while also showing off your brand logo.  

Accessorize Options

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Stylish hats like Herrington fedoras fit into any smart casual office as long as it's paired with the right outfit and an embroidered sun hat can bring together a stylish ensemble.   And then there are always weather-specific options that can help make your brand stand out. Embroidered scarves and umbrellas are perfect for places like London or New York City, where the weather isn't always as cheerful as we'd like. Thick winter jackets will keep your employees toasty warm during those frigid morning commutes.  

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Past that, there's always the option of using custom embroidery options in dress shirts and khakis. I realize, of course, that requiring all of your employees to wear customized khakis or a uniform dress shirt kind of steps on the toes of employees' personal style preferences, but that will still leave room for sports jackets and other stylish articles of clothing.

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