How to Show Thanks on Employee Appreciation Day with Custom Clothes

Thank You Note

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It's Valentine's Day today, which means that (to quote John Paul Young) love is in the air. Amorous couples won't be the only ones showing appreciation for each other. Employers will also be batting eyelashes at their star employees. That's right -- Employee Appreciation Days, the corporate version of Valentine's Day, is mere weeks away on March 1st.   But what can you get that special someone in your business? Chocolates are more of a Valentine's thing. Flowers? Nah, too romantic. A gift certificate? Eh, maybe, but cash presents never have a lot of pizzazz. How about a customized shirt?   Hey, now that's not a bad idea. It's a well-known fact in the business world that employees who feel appreciated will generally be happier in the work place.

Some employers achieve that with pats on the shoulder or Employee of the Month plaques, but those have kind of fallen out of style in the modern day and age. Customized shirts give businesses a modern, trendy way to give their employees a big thumbs up. And best of all? It might help you do a bit of marketing, too.  

Employee of the Month Plaque

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I mean, think about it. Would your employee wear his company uniform out on the weekend? Probably not. But would he wear a clever t-shirt that reads, "Future CEO at <Your Company>" to his kid's soccer game? Yep! And there's nothing saying that you have to limit yourself to t-shirts. You could hand out customized hats, coats, and even socks! Add a bit of humor to Employee Appreciation Day by sending your star employee customized socks with a note that reads, "We know your dogs are barking after all the running around you do for us!"   It's really a win-win situation. Employees get the approval that they long for (even if they aren't willing to admit it) and companies get an eager advertising partner.  

We Appreciate Our Employees

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Using customized clothing as a reward incentive for your employees can be a powerful marketing tool. One of the greatest benefits of handing out customized clothes to employees is that your former employees will still wear the clothes long after they've stopped working for you. As long as that shirt or hat remains in your former employee's closet, you'll have a willing word-of-mouth marketing partner.  

You could even implement a team spirit day and encourage your employees to wear their custom uniforms to work. Your employees benefit because they get to trade in their stiff dress shirts in favor of something a bit more comfortable, and your company will benefit from all of the free marketing opportunity.

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