The Science of Colors: How to Make Your Employees More Welcoming with Cheerful Yellow Uniforms

[caption id="attachment_1119" align="aligncenter" width="430"]Psychology of Yellow Infographic Image source:[/caption]   Put on a smile, because it's time to tackle the most cheerful color of the rainbow: yellow! This bright and sunny color will put a skip in your step with its good-natured optimism. But yellow isn't all about sunshine and happiness -- it also has a darker side. It's also used to represent danger, caution, and important warning signs. Either way, yellow is an eye-catching color that is sure to get you noticed.  


  There's an enormous ball of hydrogen that is constantly exploding 92,960,000 miles away from Earth. The sun looks orange when you look at it in photos, but by the time that the light reaches Earth it has more of a yellowish glow to it. So, it's no surprise that we associate yellow with all of the attributes of sunlight. It's bright, cheerful, warm, optimistic, and eye-catching. It's a feel-good color for custom clothing that makes you want to put on a smile and be active.  

Best Industries for Yellow Uniforms

  Emergency Services   Yellow is pretty similar to orange in the sense that both colors tend to stick out from their green, brown, and grey surroundings. If visibility is an important factor in your business, then yellow or orange safety vests can save your employees from potentially life-threatening situations. Don't skimp out when it comes to employee safety vests -- it's an investment that will pay itself off in the long run.   [caption id="attachment_1120" align="aligncenter" width="450"]First Responder with Yellow Vest Image source:[/caption]   Customer Service   Give them service with a smile! That's a mantra that you hear in many restaurants and other customer service positions. Yellow uniforms can positively affect both your employees and your customers. Your customers will perceive your employees as being more welcoming and friendly, and the yellow uniforms might also encourage your employees to put on a smile and be more cheerful. Don't expect yellow uniforms to be a magical drug that will make all of your employees happy, but you can reasonably expect some of yellow's cheerfulness to rub off on your employees.   [caption id="attachment_1257" align="aligncenter" width="415"]Ronald McDonald with Kids Image source:[/caption]  

Worst Industries for Yellow Uniforms

  Low-Key Positions   Some businesses want their employees to be front and center. Help desk representatives and restaurant servers are both great examples of jobs that require a lot of visibility. Sometimes, though, employers prefer that their employees keep things on the down-low and work behind the scenes. I don't mean that they lurk through the shadows like some kind of cloak and dagger spy movie, but some jobs rely on a little bit of subtlety.   [caption id="attachment_1122" align="alignnone" width="3000"]Janitors from Scrubs Image source:[/caption]   Cleaning services are a great example. Businesses don't want to draw customers' attention to the fact that they're cleaning -- they want to sweep it under the rug (so to speak) and have janitors and maids do the dirty work when there aren't any customers around to notice. Yellow uniforms would be a poor choice for professional cleaning services because the color would attract too much attention to a relatively unglamorous profession.   Serious Professions   Some jobs really are serious business. Using yellow uniforms in serious professions can send out the wrong message. Investment banking, finance, and medical care professions typically don't use a lot of yellow. It's not that people in these professions aren't optimistic -- it's just that they generally prefer to promote a more soothing or comforting corporate image.  
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