The Science of Colors: The Best and Worst Industries for Vibrant Orange Uniforms

[caption id="attachment_1112" align="aligncenter" width="428"]Psychology of the Color Orange Image source:[/caption]   Our second installment of the Science of Colors series brings us to orange. Do you want to get noticed? Do you want your employees to stand apart with vibrant uniforms? Then orange custom clothing might be right up your alley.  


Orange represents vitality and excitement. It combines the richness of red with the bright optimism of yellow to create a color that is bursting with life.  

Best Industries for Orange Uniforms

  Construction   The greatest advantage of orange is how easy it is notice. Orange and yellow are both considered the most eye-catching of all of the colors, which is why they're so often used on warning signs. This quality makes orange a perfect match for construction crews. Orange safety vests aren't only practical, they're also legally required in certain situations.   [caption id="attachment_1091" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Construction Crew Image source:[/caption]   Dangerous Professions   Is the ability to see your employees a matter of life or death? If so, then you might want to incorporate orange into your company uniform. People who work with hazardous materials, safety technicians, search and rescue teams, and forest rangers and hunters who have to patrol the woods during hunting season all rely on high visibility. Orange uniforms add that extra little bit of flair that will make your employees stand out.   [caption id="attachment_1093" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]Search and Rescue Team Image source:[/caption]   Emergency Services   Many public emergency groups use red, orange, and yellow for their eye-catching colors. Best Buy's Geek Squad capitalized on the power of orange by using it in their logos and on their cars. They idea that Best Buy marketers are trying to promote is that the Geek Squad is an emergency service for technology, that they can come and rescue your digital devices from certain doom. The actual uniforms of Geek Squad members are just black and white, but the orange logo sends off a powerful "We're here to help!" vibe.   [caption id="attachment_1094" align="alignnone" width="877"]Geek Squad Image source:[/caption]  

Worst Industries for Orange

  Industries in the Asian Market   Well, I don't want to say that orange uniforms are bad in Asia, exactly, but you should be aware that orange outfits come with a lot of baggage. Many people in China, Japan, and similar regions associate orange clothes with Buddhists monks.   [caption id="attachment_1095" align="aligncenter" width="4592"]Buddhist Monks in Orange Uniforms Image source:[/caption]   Security   If people associate orange with emergency services and caution signs, then you want to avoid using orange in security businesses. Security companies are supposed to represent stability and safety, so orange can send off the wrong signal. You'll occasionally run across security personnel wearing orange safety vests, but you'll usually only see that in concerts or other large events where the whole purpose of the vest is to be seen, not to reassure the public.   Investment, Banking, and Finance   "Excitement" and "investment banking" usually aren't two phrases that you hear in the same sentence. The world of finance is all about reliable, time-tested methods that transform small bucks into big bucks. People tend to take a more conservative stance when it comes to investing money, so orange can be a bad color choice. Orange is all about danger and risk-taking, which is a terrible message for investors to send to potential clients.  
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