3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Family Reunion T-Shirt

Family Reunion T-Shirts

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I come from a pretty small family. I've got a few brothers and an uncle, but past that there just aren't many of us. Consequently, I've never had the opportunity to go to a family reunion. That's kind of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, I've never had to endure awkward conversations with distant uncles whom I barely know. On the other, I don't have any warm childhood memories of goofy family games or clever family t-shirts.   Ah, the family reunion t-shirt. I'm not sure who started the tradition of handing out customized t-shirts as part of family reunions, but it certainly stuck. It may have mysterious origins, but the actual reasons why they're so popular are fairly obvious. 

Family Reunion with Blue Shirts

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First of all, a family reunion is the one day of the year when you can actually celebrate your family ties. Normally, people are so geographically distant and emotionally disconnected from each other that the only thing that they really have in common is their last name. Family reunions overlook all that and bring people together through a common bond. Your family members may fly in from all over, but as long as they're with each other they can call that spot home.   Customized t-shirts are a way to celebrate that. They loudly and proudly shout to the world that blood is much thicker than water. Here are a few tips for creating a memorable family reunion t-shirt  

Remember the Kids

If you're charged with the task of ordering customized clothing for your entire extended family, then there are a few things that you want to keep in mind. First off, you definitely don't want to take a one-size-fits-all approach. Family reunions bring together people of ages, sizes, and demographics, so you're going to need to be careful about the types of clothing that you choose. This is a good opportunity to check out our line of customized clothing for children and infants. After all, grandchildren are just as much members of the family and grandparents, so be sure to get a few infant outfits and kids shirts.

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Highlight the Generation Gap

One of the great things about family reunions is that they allow you to explore new design options every year. You can go with variations on a theme by selecting a central image and changing the text or color, or you can come up with completely new designs for each new family reunion.   Here's another great idea: put a custom graphic on all of your shirts, but change the color based on the generation. Family members born after 2010 get red shirts, kids born after 2000 get orange shirts, people born in the '90s get yellow, and so on all the way down the rainbow. Your family members will be united by their logo, but the stark color differences will give everyone an easy way to distinguish family members by generation. You know... in case Bieber haircuts and ironic hipster glasses didn't already make it obvious enough.

Generation Gap

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A Clever Slogan

The Internet is filled with clever slogans, heart-felt proverbs, and other witticisms. Check out family slogan websites like this one or this one to find the perfect slogan for your family t-shirt.
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