Does Your Business Need Ideas for Holiday Gifts This Year?

Is your company in need of some fresh ideas for holiday gifts this year? Well, Lead Apparel has the perfect idea for your company. Why not wow your customers and employees with embroidered custom clothing by Lead Apparel? Our company is the top supplier of high quality embroidered clothing in the market and we will have the perfect solution for your company. What are some of the advantages of custom embroidered clothing? It’s estimated that 90 percent of the companies in the United States have a casual dress day. Employees will also be thrilled with embroidered apparel because they can represent their companies with pride, and nobody will really complain if the item is beautiful and trendy. According to surveys, workers show higher rate of camaraderie, higher rate of production, and a higher level of morale on casual dress day. In companies, it’s always a great thing when employees find a common thread among their colleagues and embroidered apparel is a great unifying tool. Plus, they can save some money from casual dress. During product launches or company events, your company will present a united front when all your employees are dressed in embroidered apparel with your company logo. When you give embroidered custom clothing to your customers, it’s an excellent way to build brand loyalty. Along with other marketing tools, the gift of embroidered clothing with your company logo will boost your brand. Many companies spend millions of dollars on advertisements and marketing plans. However, your company can reap the benefits of embroidered clothing at just a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, the cost of embroidered clothing can be written as a business expense so your company may reap some tax benefit. Why should you choose Lead Apparel for your company’s embroidered apparel? Firstly, we provide free set up. Once you provide the logo of your company, the proof will be provided within 2 business days. The minimum order quantity is only 12 pieces and we will revise the proof until the final approval. Lead Apparel has the fastest turnaround for custom embroidered clothing in the industry. For new orders, the turnaround is 10 business days. For repeat orders, the turnaround is only 5 business days. If you require super rush service, we can provide it. From the beginning of your order, you will be serviced by a dedicated representative who will help to answer all your questions and provide the necessary assistance until the completion of the order. This can be done via email or phone. In terms of technology, you can be assured that your embroidered apparel will be produced with the latest technology. The stitch count is dependent on the complexity of your company logo and we have the ability to stitch the highest stitch counts. Some of our satisfied clients include Lexus, Activision, intel, WeightWatchers, Chevrolet, and Carfax. Lead Apparel is well-known for offering volume discounts. If you have a big order, you are encouraged to talk to our representatives to find out how much savings you can enjoy. Give us a call today!
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