Swiss Army Luggage: For the Frequent Traveler

Following the huge success of the world renowned Swiss army knife, the Victorinox brand chose to do one better and design the stylish and sophisticated line of Swiss Army luggage.

Since the introduction of the Swiss army knife, the Victorinox brand has become indefinitely linked to goods which provide the user with innovation and usefulness. By trying to produce luggage pieces which were modeled on a similar form base as its predecessor, the Swiss Army luggage range become an accessory line that provides the user with exceptional convenience- no matter how frequent a traveler they may be. Designed to suit the individual requirement and taste of any user, the range can be purchased in the brand’s signature colors: red and black which help to make a statement for any traveler, along with more neutral shades to suit all tastes.

In order to keep ahead of their competitors, Victorinox have been completely devoted to designing and producing pieces that cater for the modern day traveler. So, whether you are a frequent vacationer or travel frequently for business, you are guaranteed to find a piece courtesy of Victorinox, which will cater for your needs. Long-haul travelers will benefit from exceptional space, whereas frequent business travelers will revel in the abundance of compartments and pockets which allow for the easy storage of laptops, documents, accessories and so forth.

Each piece from the Victorinox Swiss Army luggage range has been designed and manufactured with optimum performance in mind- both in terms of storage and maneuverability. Whereas other luggage pieces may only fit the purpose of storing your possessions, the Swiss Army collection possesses additional features such as removable suiters which help eliminate creasing to your clothing, ergonomic handles for an easier and more comfortable grip and a single touch, dual-trolley handle structure which instantly snaps back into the bag when unneeded. In addition, some pieces from the Swiss Army luggage collection possess an innovative hybrid design which allows for the conversion from a wheelie case to an easy to carry backpack. This makes many pieces from the collection the ideal choice for frequent travelers who wish to get from destination to destination in quick succession without the worry of large, hard to maneuver luggage cases. Each design also boasts practical features which have not yet been implemented in other brand designs. Compartments to easily store toiletries, dirty laundry and your footwear are all expertly designed to allow for neat packing and organization.

In addition to the abundance of features that each Victorinox piece possesses, the Swiss Army luggage collection aims to cater for every traveler. So, whether you require a small carry-on case, a large case to cater for weeks away or a simple laptop bag that will help you in your business travels; you are guaranteed to find a Swiss Army luggage piece for you. Oozing comfort, convenience and style, each piece is finished to the highest possible quality and craftsmanship. And although each piece will possess an advanced level of durability and style, you may be surprised at just how valuable this range may be.

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