Carhartt: More than Just Work Wear

For more than 100 years, Carhartt have been recognized as the forerunners of protective yet fashionable work wear. Since their beginnings in designing and manufacturing work wear for railroad workers, they have continued to broaden their market, now being worn by employees within a number of industries. As a result of their huge industrial following, they are now recognized as a fashion brand and have moved away from being seen as simple work wear.

Carhartt’s experience in the field of work wear ensures that each piece in their range provides the wearer with the level of protection and comfort they require in order to work in the outdoors. So, whether you are a laborer who needs protection from the cold, or a welder who needs added protection from the sparks that can omit from equipment; Carhartt’s range of gear can cater for your individual needs.

Although Carhartt was widely recognized as attire for use within the outdoors, the brand also adds additional yet valuable features into each piece it produces. Each piece from the Carhartt range is flame resistant after being treated with specialized chemicals during the manufacturing process. These chemicals are designed to self extinguish as soon as the starting point of the fire has been removed. As a result, every piece from the Carhartt collection meets the standards of ASTM and OSHA, which has helped to increase their popularity within various industries. This feature also helps to ensure that each Carhartt piece is durable, making them long lasting and a sound investment. In addition, the use of these chemicals in no way affects the comfort of the material so whereas some may worry that the clothing will become stiff, they will be surprised to know that their Carhartt attire will be soft, comfortable and will allow for full range of movement- no matter what its purpose may be.

As time has passed, the Carhartt brand has grown to a huge scale and with the introduction of new items to the range, its popularity has increased also. With the introduction of flame resistant denim jeans, that possess 19” leg opening which allow for easy coverage of work boots, the Carhartt brand has not just become a brand associated with work wear, but general fashion also. The rugged and almost urban designs of the brand have become fashionable of late meaning that those who are somewhat fashion conscious are jumping to add the brand into their wardrobes. The label ‘fashionable’ was given to the brand during the early to mid 1990’s, when urban youths opted to wear their laboring work gear as a fashion statement. The laid back yet stylish look soon caught on and as the brand witnessed a spike in the sales for the work jackets, a Street Wear line was soon launched.   

Following this growing trend, now more than ever Carhartt is being recognized as a fashion label as opposed to a provider of labor wear. With new items being added every season to cater for both the needs of workers and the fashion conscious, it is only a matter of time until workers everywhere are sporting the fashions witnessed on the catwalks while at work.

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