Tumi Business Brief Cases and Laptop Messengers

Tumi has a 30-year history of creating exceptional products for frequent travelers, especially the discerning professional. If you have to travel a lot for work then you need luggage solutions that are functional yet stylish and the Tumi range really does deliver. As the leading brand of luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories, Tumi is always striving to develop new products that will aid the frequent traveler and ensure that their trip is not made anymore stressful than necessary.

There are plenty of luggage manufacturers out there but what makes Tumi stand out as a brand is the company’s continual focus on design excellence, functional superiority and technical innovation. The company was established in 1975 and takes its name from a Peruvian god and is still going strong today.

Tumi as a brand understands that each traveler will have different travel styles and in order to meet everyone’s needs they need to produce a wide range of products. Therefore, Tumi’s range covers luggage, business cases, handbags, small leather goods, executive accessories, electronic, gifts, pens and watches. This range is expanding all the time with new products being introduced along the way. All Tumi products represent the Tumi brand in terms of performance, organization and modern design.

If you are looking for a great range of business briefcases then look no further than Tumi. Tumi’s Townhouse collection showcases some of the finest quality briefcases around. Each product is made from the highest quality luxuriously soft leather and comes in a range of classically elegant styles to suit all. These briefcases not only look great but they are also functional and able to withstand the abuse of modern travels. The collection of Tumi business briefcases is perfect for any modern professional whatever their background whether legal, accounting, financial or advertising.

Tumi’s collection of business briefcases is different to other products on the market as each item is unique to the company in terms of combining old world styling and craftsmanship with modern materials and technology. The collection is made up of a large number of classic briefcases in different sizes and different materials all with useful features including removable, adjustable shoulder straps, numerous organizer pockets both inside and out, as well as a cushioned computer compartment to protect your laptop from damage. Some even have wheels to make carting your business briefcase around a lot less effort!

If you are a frequent traveler then you will only too well know how hard it is to travel with a laptop. Laptops can be extremely vulnerable to damage when traveling and awkward to carry so for most professionals a laptop messenger bag is an essential item. Whether you are a web developer, entrepreneur, designer or simply a professional who needs their laptop with them at all times then it is important to get the right laptop bag.

Tumi have recognized the difficulties that traveling with a laptop can cause and have come up with a range of laptop messenger bags designed to solve all your traveling problems. You can choose from a wide range of products including the Tumi T-Tech Presidio Union T-Pass laptop brief pack which is perfect for the globetrotter as it is heavily padded to ensure that your laptop is fully protected and comes complete with convenient and comfortable straps so you can carry your laptop on your back, thus freeing up your hands. If you want something simple then the Tumi Voyageur T-Pass Luxembourg laptop carrier is perfect. This model is sleek and great for those who like to travel light as there is just enough space in the bag for your laptop and a few important documents. If being able to get around quickly is important to you when traveling then you might want to consider the Tumi T-Tech Presidio Macarthur Wheeled compact laptop briefcase. As the name implies, this product has wheels thus taking all the stress out of traveling as you can simply drag your laptop and other belonging behind you.

Tumi really does make traveling a lot easier and less stressful so why not let Tumi take some of the pressure off your next trip and check out their extensive range of luggage solutions!

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