The Beauty Of Tumi Luggage

Tumi is a well known brand globally and is currently leading the pack in terms of luxury luggage manufacturing. The brand is devoted to unique style and great looks as well as functionality. Tumi understand that people who frequently travel have different needs and requirements and aim to provide products that solve all their luggage problems. No one needs extra stress when they are traveling and Tumi’s range of luggage looks to make things a bit easier for you when in transit.

The company offers a range of different luggage solutions from classic nylon material suitcases to wheeled laptop bags that are easy to carrier and meet the needs of travelers all over the world. Tumi has 30 years of experience within the luggage market and is rapidly expanding in a bid to target more diverse markets. The company started life as a men’s business travel manufacturer but nowadays produces products designed for all the family including stylish commercial bags for women.

Tumi really does have a luggage solution for every traveler. The range includes their great T-Tech wheeled duffel bag that can be bought in a variety of different shapes and sizes in order to accommodate almost any traveler. For example, if you are heading away for a brief weekend away then the smaller bag will be sufficient but if you are a long vacationer then a larger version would be more suitable. All the luggage products in the Tumi range are well designed to be functional, durable enough to withstand any travel damage and above all, look great. Most suitcases come complete with wheels for ease of movement and are also incredibly lightweight yet spacious.

If you want luggage that is mobile and protects all your precious belongings then look no further than the Tumi range. The Tumi range can usually be found at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, or if you’re lucky you may stumble across a Tumi outlet although this is rare.

Tumi has taken its innovative design and superior quality to a new level with the launch of the Generation 4 Collection. This range is sleek and ultra-functional and has updated the signature brand of luggage to create a whole new generation of travel products. This brand has taken useful features to a whole new level by manufacturing zipperless technology and button-released expansion. This means that these bags can be expanded or made smaller all at the push of a button!

The wheels of the bags have also had a makeover in that they now have oval twin-tube telescoping handles for easy travel. This means that they will never buckle of go wonky. The range has a lot of practical features including numerous zipper pockets for easy access and tie down straps inside the bags to keep items secure in transit.

For many years now, Tumi has been the design leader in prestige travel, business and personal accessories and their innovative range continues to expand all the time. Tumi are the number one place to go if you want functional ultra-modern luggage solutions and cutting-edge products for the modern professional who demands the very best. Whether you want a classic style that will stand the test of time or a cutting-edge travel product with all the latest features and add-ons, Tumi has got it!

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