Carhartt Workwear For Men

Carhartt has been making premium quality workwear since 1889 and the company really has stood the test of time. Since the company first established, they have been making high quality overalls specifically designed for engineers and railroad workers. The overalls, jeans, coveralls and jackets produced by Carhartt have over the years been especially favored by those working in the construction and farming industries.

The company is well known for the durability of the items produced and now enjoys an extensive range that includes flame resistant clothing, thermal underwear, footwear and a full range of outerwear all geared towards today’s worker. Over the years the Carhartt brand has literally gone from strength to strength and now maintains 13 manufacturing facilities in the United States, as well as various production plants in Mexico and Europe. Merchandise is also sold to Europe and Japan.

Today Carhartt boasts one of the most complete lines of workwear around so whether you are looking for an item in the company’s signature brown duck fabric or something more modern in the form of technically advanced fabrics like waterproof breathable, you are sure to find something to suit you here! When the company first started out all the Carhartt workwear was made out of denim as this was the most durable fabric available but nowadays the range included a variety of fabrics to ensure that every worker’s needs are met.

It can be argued that Carhartt has one of the richest histories of all the American workwear brands as its heritage stretches back almost 120 years! Even today the Carhartt brand is synonymous with quality workwear but now the brand has expanded into streetwear and more and more people are wearing Carhartt as a fashion brand rather than just a functional item of workwear. However, this is not to say that the workwear ethic has been abandoned, definitely not as the latest collection from Carhartt saw the company returning to its roots with pride and celebrating the quality and functionality of the clothing that first made the brand famous.

In the beginning, the Carhartt brand was best known for its overalls. These were designed specifically for railroad workers and engineers therefore are incredibly durable and functional. Carhartt workwear apparel is still a favorite among outdoor workers as the clothing really does deliver every time. Toughness is a characteristic that outdoor workers really need from their overalls and Carhartt workwear is incredibly tough. Even the early overalls could withstand extreme abuse from working in difficult outside situations. The sort of workers who require overalls need to be able to rely on their clothing to perform no matter the situation therefore Carhartt workwear only uses ultra strong, heavy duty cotton duck. This fabric is incredibly durable and won’t tear under extreme pressure. The inside of the clothing is also durable, made from nylon quilting and polyester, Carhartt coats and jackets keep the wearer warm and last for a good many years.

Every item of Carhartt workwear is made with utility in mind therefore every standard overall comes complete with useful tool pockets and utility loops which prove incredibly useful in work situations.

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