Victorinox Luggage: Iconic Design and Progressive Styling

Back in 1880, Switzerland was once regarded as one of the poorest countries in Europe. Nevertheless, this did not prevent Karl Elsner from establishing his cutler’s business and laying the foundations for the future, world-renowned company - Victorinox. The pioneering spirit of its founder has existed for well over 100 years and since its establishment in 1884, the company has remained a family-run business and has retained its independence to this day.

Victorinox, makers of the world renowned “Swiss Army Knife”, are also renowned for manufacturing quality items of luggage and travel accessories. Following their recognized styling, the designs are plain and clean and as one would expect, the range of luggage proves the user with a durable and practical item that will cater for even the most demanding traveler.

A long journey can be incredibly long and exhausting, especially when your luggage is heavy and cumbersome. Victorinox is conscious of the need we often have to travel as light as possible, but still understands that with this lightness, we still require a mass of space to store our possessions. Their luggage is lightweight and constructed using advanced ergonomics and thanks to their timeless designs, these pieces of luggage are also, in some respect, a fashion statement also. For a sophisticated traveler or even a businessman, a well designed and professional looking luggage item can make a confident statement.

Designed with spacious interior, acclaimed globally, Victotinox is ideal for the modern day traveler. Their carry-on luggage is innovative, with features that provide economical packing capacity and functionality that is suitable to both leisure and business travelers. For long or short journeys, a briefcase or business case is convenient and suitable for almost any occasion. Lightweight, with unique Swiss styling and innovative ergonomics, this business case has a professional and efficient appearance, lightweight in construction and can be easily stored. Victorinox designers are renowned for their creativity and application to every product and each piece possesses value without sacrificing quality and performance which is displayed and fulfilled in every item.

The collection boasts a wide range of backpacks- whether for use in or outdoors. The traditional backpack has been brought into the 21st Century with additional features which cater for any needs, whilst still exuding the classic appearance of earlier Victorinox pieces. Victorinox strongly consider the individual needs of the user and construct their designs to be a solution, not just an accessory.

For a businessperson, travelling can always be a concern. The safety and security of business accessories are priority- in particular personal laptops which can often contain irreplaceable documentation or files. The Victorinox sturdy construction, distinctive design and professional appearance are apparent within the comprehensive selection of laptop bags and brief cases that the brand carries. With a range of additional compartments that cater for storage needs of documents, cell phones, or even pens; Victorinox laptop bags provide businessmen everywhere with a stylish and sleek solution for their business travel needs.

Boasting a collection of stylish, affordable and durable luggage items, Victorinox remain one of the forerunning luggage brands across the world today. So, if you’re looking to invest in a high quality, value luggage item that oozes class, invest in Victorniox today.

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