Tumi: Excellent Superiority and Innovation

Tumi is a recognized as the world’s leading brand of luxury travel, business and life-style accessories. This reputation, built over 30 years since 1975, is a success that originated from a continual focus on principles. The excellence of design, superior functions and technical innovation has resulted in the creation of modern luggage, coupled with unparalleled performance.

During the 1980’s, Tumi introduced innovative soft, multi-functional, ballistic nylon travel bags. These items helped to project the company to its present leading status. The 1990’s, saw innovations in these products continue, with the implementation of the wheeled luggage and business care categories into the brand. A unique blend of modern design and performance encouraged consumers globally to select Tumi luggage and accessories for their luggage needs.

A key attribute that has helped make Tumi a leader in its industry, is its undisputed product quality which is unique and acknowledged as the ‘Tumi Difference’. They approach every aspect and detail of the product design, with the same precision, by example, the smallest screw used within their manufacturing is machined, case hardened, solid steel.

This philosophy is maintained throughout their varied range of products, which are produced using hundreds of custom designed, engineered parts. Tumi is aware that their customers require different products to meet their individual travel styles. From a Briefcase to a Messenger case, it is ensured that each piece of luggage will meet specific needs. Many items of their designer luggage are designed with the serious business traveller in mind, made from strong ballistic nylon that is enhanced with a rich leather trim. While their business cases are conservative yet sophisticated in their styling, they provide functional interiors with attractive detail. This expandable case is an example of versatile luggage.

Tumi Backpacks have raised the bar level in artisanship. Available in either fabric or leather, Tumi’s recent collection is lighter and more durable than most market brands today. This is primarily due to the construction and the use of superior materials, yet the iconic image of Tumi is still visible. A backpack’s designed to carry a 17-inch computer are available in the original ballistic nylon material and this is a prime example of how Tumi provides for the most demanding user by implementing features that show consideration for the needs of the user. The range of backpacks available will cater for the various customer needs- whether used for everyday trips to college or for recreation purposes. The structure and design of the interior and exterior appearance are designed to meet individual customer demands.

Since it’s establishment, the company has been recognized by leading publications, with regards to consumer awareness. By introducing new products to the market on a consistent basis- that reflect the predominant aspects of the Tumi branding- Tumi continue to cater directly to the needs of the consumer, combining modern technologies with the classic appearance and dedication that has keep the brand strong.

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