The Male Polo Shirts Saga

Jean René Lacoste could not have realized, when he designed the first polo, or ‘tennis’ styled shirt in the late 1920’s, that over 90 years later, his shirt would become in various ways, a fashion statement. Like many tennis players of that era, Lacoste was not comfortable wearing the restrictive clothing apparel of the times. The long sleeved shirts and ties did not suit his aggressive style of playing and he therefore decided to do something about this issue. Using his own experiences on the court, he masterfully designed a tennis shirt from pique cotton that possessed a button-down collar, used for protection of the neck against the sun.

In modern times, the name polo has become associated with fashion in both a smart and casual format, even making its way into corporate chains. Today, many organizations use forms of apparel within various aspects of their business. It is a valuable means of promoting a brand identity, bringing their team together and ultimately, helping make their services and employees recognizable to the consumer. However, not using the correct form or design for a shirt can be nothing short of a disaster. The perception created of an organization or an individual are related to the first impression. That first sighting by a potential client or customer is crucial and retained as an image.

In this modern world of fierce, global competition, any edge obtained over the opposition is used. Identity and recognition are key words in promoting services, goods and personnel in the marketplace. The polo shirt for men, for example, is a huge material tool in doing this. However, this identity presentation must have style and class. Therefore, the name of the game is “custom made”.

A man, particularly in front of his business audience, must exude self-confidence in himself and his employer. The old saying of ‘dressed good - feels good’ applies in this instance. Companies must realize that corporate clothing is a means by which people can recognize and relate to their brand. It does set standards for the company, including the perception by the public of their employees. This relates to their appearance and attitude, influenced by how they feel about themselves and for whom they work. Customized styled polo shirts for men that are designed for comfort enhance the self image of the wearer. With the versatility of trends and styles today and flexibility in designs, companies with limited budgets are able to project a positive image with the use of polo shirts.

Polo shirts, made for the changes in seasons, are available for comfortable wearing, with short and long sleeved designed shirts. Commonly made from a blend of cotton -polyester, they allow the body to breathe which makes them an ideal piece of apparel for work within the hot summer months. A further benefit associated with polo shirts for corporate identity clothing is a practical one for employees. A correct and suitable style of dressing, such as polo shirts, becomes an integral part of the corporate environment, reflecting in the attitudes and motivation of the work force.

Employees of a company are one of its greatest assets and if they are dressed in corporate oriented clothes, this adds further value to them and the company’s image as a whole. An impression of professionalism is projected, whether at work or in another environment, for example, corporate events. The individual employee, if dressed in a well-known name brand shirt, will appreciate the gesture of respect and value shown by the company. Their self-esteem will rise and they will be proud to wear the shirt and be a reflection of your brand.

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