The Class of Embroidered Polo Shirts

Competition in every type of business in the present day is fierce. Within every institution, organization, company and small business, business owners have one main goal that they set their sights on, which is to discover new ways that will draw customers to their particular business.

Many advertisers believe that simply splashing a name across the media will succeed in attracting the consumer. This mass approach does work, almost to a subliminal extent, but it is highly costly and calls for a huge budget. However, a name repeated frequently, becomes a familiar part of the consumer’s everyday vocabulary, and is generally accepted as being reliable and secure.

Embroidered Polo shirts are an effective, economical and professional means of spreading an identity or brand. They meet the concept of having a brand name on view to the target audience in as many locations as possible for an optimized effect. The affect the use of customized polo shirts will have will be heavily determined by its appearance which will help to create to the viewer, an impression of whom the wearer represents which in this case, is your business.  

Embroidery is a long and well-established method of design related to the perception of up-market products. When presenting your brand to the public, it is essential that the image you wish to portray is executed using eye-catching designs. Another factor is how the shirt itself is styled and how it fits the wearer. An expensive looking and expertly designed embroidered polo shirt, if not made to fit the wearer perfectly, will draw attention perhaps, but for all the wrong reasons.

All forms of businesses and schools recognize embroidered polo shirts, with predominant logos.  Although print and silk-screening are widely used, the affect of embroidery on a well-designed shirt can be an enhancement for any advertising. Embroidery, appliqué or ‘tackle twill’, may not be viable on polo shirts of less than 5.5 ounces. The cost factor created by this, whilst eliminating a substantial portion of the mass market, does project embroidered polo shirts as being somewhat exclusive.

When being asked to wear a branded piece of clothing, expectations are that it will be something special. This particularly applies to corporate events and customer giveaway promotions. A smart, well-designed embroidered polo shirt will meet these expectations.  Golf outings and tournaments are ideal applications for company polo shirts to send out an embroidered message. The shirts blend in with the surroundings as part of the scenario and therefore are accepted. It can also help with brand awareness as by providing the consumer with a free gift, it helps to cement your brand name into the minds of the consumer, thus, helping to potentially increase sales. An attractive logo in these conditions can create interest and awareness for any business. Television coverage of golf events and the amount of advertising on caps and polo golf shirts, confirm that this media brings results. The embroidery on a shirt has a ‘stand out’ effect which draws the attention of the target audience or members of a group, as opposed to the more common products.

Every employee should be proud to have the opportunity to wear an embroidered polo shirt, with his or her company logo displayed on it. Their own name embroidered on the shirt, is a bonus or even, an incentive. For the employee, it is a motivating factor and a feeling of ‘belonging’ is induced whilst still allowing them to have a sense of individuality by showcasing their name on their own personal shirt.

The use of embroidered polo shirts is a custom that can be found within a number of businesses from all different niche markets. No matter what service or product you may provide to the consumer, embroidered polo shirts are an effective way in which to advertise and promote your brand/business name, bring together your team members as a unit and what’s more, show your employees their worth with personalized and made-to-fit items.

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