Clothing Culture: The Women in Polo Shirts

Within business, the relationship between a company and its employees can be a volatile, emotional and sometimes traumatic experience. In the past, clothing attire and dress code were factors that would determine who a person was within the social arena. How they dressed was important and stereotypically, a well dressed individual would be perceived as an influential position within their occupation. However, in regards to attire worn by women, this did not always create the same effect.

During today’s modern world, how an individual chooses to dress can now create a different kind of perception about them. It is not so much a way in which to determine someone’s status in society, but instead can exude a feeling of belonging within the individual and an acceptance from their peers. The security within employees can be enhanced by feeling part of the organization which they work for. Surveys have shown that culture, our working environment and our status all play a major role in whether we wish to seek alternative jobs, or remain where they are; or perhaps, where they feel they belong.

The introduction of corporate clothing within an organization must involve careful planning, forethought and a vision that it is something special and simply clothing that must be worn. However, in regards to employees, although they may wish to become a part of their working environment, they need their individuality to be recognized. This can be especially true in regards to women within the workplace.

In today’s modern world of business, working uniforms are now approached with a touch of class and can often be perceived to be somewhat fashion forward. By implementing fashionable, attractive attire, employees can become more motivated to work and feel more appreciated by their employers. One of the main issues many female workers may face is the issue of work wear that is not made especially to fit the female figure and that disregards their comfort and needs.

Within many businesses today, smart, well-designed polo shirts have become an accepted dress code within numerous industries. Although they induce a sense of casualness, at the same time they look smart in front of colleagues and particularly, clients or customers. Although originally worn by male employees only, polo shirts have undergone drastic design changes to incorporate the needs of women. A women's polo shirt is versatile and manufactured to look smart and attractive on the wearer, taking into consideration the curves that the female form possesses. With many companies investing in shirts of various color, female employees can not only look smart, but can feel good about themselves should they be allowed to choose their own color of polo shirt. Tailored polo shirts designed specifically for women wearers, fit the shape of their body perfectly. This is as opposed to unisex or one size fits all styles that are loose hanging and do not compliment or fit a female figure. It will in turn, reflect on the image of the wearer and their employer, with possible detrimental results to both.

Just as the fundamentals of business have changed over the years, so have the ways in which fashion has been implemented into our working environments. Now a key piece of work attire within many industries, the polo shirt is a prime example of how male orientated clothing has been adapted to fit the female form, not only providing comfort and a smart appearance to all workers, but also showing how no matter the gender, all workers are of the same value.

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