Comfortable and Special Work-Wear

Work wear is a term that can cover a large variety of clothing, from a uniform to a sophisticated, made-to-measure suit.  However, this term originated from clothing that was required in order to effectively and efficiently complete work that involved manual labor or working in hard conditions or climate. Many employed within various trades and industries will require specialized work-wear in order to provide comfort, warmth durability and most importantly, safety.

Demand for work-wear clothing has increased in recent times due to a realization that in certain environments, specific apparel is a necessity. However, companies and organizations have also realized that work-wear is a way of promoting their brand identity and services.  It also makes for easier control of a workforce and prevents any potential jealousy and conflict regarding quality and type of clothing worn.

When working outdoors during cold weather, it is imperative that you are provided with the necessary apparel in order to keep you warm, safe whilst still allowing for productivity. It is important to be aware that almost every area of your body requires some form of cover, in particular your head as studies show we lose around 40% of our body heat from the head. This can be effectively decreased by investing in knitted or fleece hats that help protect your head from the elements and provide warmth and comfort. It is widely accepted that dressing in layers is an excellent form of protection against cold conditions. You will need an insulating layer of clothes for temperatures below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, with a garment made from materials like fleece. Some fabrics recommended include, Polyester-fleece, Micro-fleece and Therma-fleece. For protection against wind, snow and rain, it is sensible to wear a jacket with a zipper. This will enable you to regulate your temperature.

The addition of items such as ‘hoodies’, or specialized thermal sweatshirts within your work-wear attire can not only be warming, but also functional thanks to utility pockets and zippers. Many outdoor workers may opt for this apparel to wear usually in casual environments, for warmth and protection against the wind. However, due to the fantastic features this form of clothing possesses, brands such as Carhartt have witnesses a huge increase in sales due to those who purchase these items for a number of outdoor activities that stem further than outdoor labor. With a range of fleece jumpers, hats, flannel jackets and quilt lines jackets; outdoor lovers can remain warm and comfortable whether outdoors for work or pleasure.

The part played by the lining in garments, usually is not given much attention. However, it plays an important role in how comfortable a garment can be to the wearer, and helps in protecting the wearer in various climates. The lining gives a neat finish inside the article of clothing and helps to conceal interfacing seams and other manufacturing details. In addition, it helps to reduce the strain and extend the life of the clothing. Depending on the type of lining used, it will either add warmth in cold weather, or help with cooling when worn in warmer weathers.

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