Why Wear A Minimizer Bra?

Breast size has always been a major issue for women, with most of us wanting bigger boobs the sales in push-up bras or silicone bra inserts have rocketed over recent years. Lots of women are faking their cleavage with clever bras with some even turning to more drastic measures such as surgery. But bigger does not always mean better. A lot of women who have been blessed with larger breasts often struggle to get clothes to fit or suffer pain and aches from the added strain on their bodies.

When it comes to the size of our boobs, the focus is mainly on getting bigger and not smaller. However, lots of women would love for their boobs to be maybe a cup size or two smaller in order to wear the clothes they really want to. This is where the brilliant minimiser bra saves the day.

Basically, the minimizer bra is designed for larger cup sizes and makes the breasts look smaller. The minimizer also helps to prevent ‘spill over’ and ‘gaping button’ syndrome in shirts and blouses that larger-chested ladies tend to get. Wearing a button-up blouse can be a nightmare if you have big boobs, but with a minimizer bra this doesn’t have to be the case.

A minimizer bra will also help to give a more flattering and smoother look to the bust so you can wear tighter tops without worrying about all your lumps and bumps being on show. Even with the right sized bra you can sometimes still get lumps and bumps in strange places, but the minimizer bra enables you to wear day and evening wear and have a smooth silhouette. Minimizer bras are designed for larger breasts; therefore they also give added support.

If you’ve ever stretched your favorite top with your large breasts then why not try a minimizer bra! The minimizer will give you the look of smaller breasts but is still incredibly comfortable to wear. If you find that your large bosom makes your clothes look ill-fitting and unflattering then you don’t need to go under the knife for a reduction. Nothing as drastic as this; all you really need is a good minimizer bra!

The magic of the minimizer bra comes from the cups. These are usually molded so as to re-shape your breasts and push them towards your chest instead of pushing them to the front and upwards. The bra works by distributing the breast tissue away from the front and towards the underarm area. If this sounds painful you needn’t worry. A minimizer bra is just as comfortable as a normal bra and will make you look at least one cup size smaller without having to resort to surgery! In fact, as minimizer bras are designed for larger breasts, they often have comfortable cushioned straps and stronger, sometimes wider side and back bands to make you feel more comfortable as you wear them.

As plus sized fashion has become more popular, manufacturers have responded and minimizer bras are now readily available to many full figured women. Nowadays, minimizer bras can go up to sizes 48G or 52DD and are sold in all sorts of styles and colors to keep you in fashion at all times.

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