Playtex Has Been Around For Years And Just Keeps Getting Better

Playtex is a household name. As a company they have produced some of the most popular and influential products in the market. Products such as the girdle, the 18-hour bra, the wonder bra and many more have changed the way that consumers and manufacturers think about women’s underwear. Playtex cater for every kind of woman and her needs from maternity underwear to shape-wear to pull in your tum for that special occasion. Playtex lingerie is in a class of its own and has the widest range of panties and bras in every sort of design or color you can think of.

Playtex was founded as the International Latex Company in 1932 and started life as a manufacturer of bathing caps in Rochester, New York. The company soon expanded to produce aprons, hot pads, slippers, makeup capes and baby pants all under the “Playtex” brand name.

The company soon started to take of and part of this progression was due to the move to Dover, DE. It was here that the engineers at ILC first thought of using their unique latex product as a material for girdles. This was the first the public has seen of the Playtex Living Girdle. Later in 1954 marked the introduction of Living Playtex Lingerie Bras, which enjoyed 40 years in the market place.

Playtex were also responsible for creating the size charts which are used worldwide by women to gauge what size they were. Some of Playtex’s bestselling products are the Eighteen hour bra and Cross Your Heart brands. Over ten Playtex brands of bras, panties and shape-wear and are distributed through five channels in the United States.

Playtex bras come in different brand names and different styles. One is Playtex Secrets which includes styles such as Legacy Lace under-wire and wire-free, All That Glitters under-wire and wire-free and Forever Lace.

Playtex really does cater for every woman as they provide bras in half cup sizes for those in between women. There are plenty of designs and colors to choose from so you don’t need to worry about compromising on style. If you are a lady with a fuller figure then the Feel Beautiful range is perfect for you, providing full support whilst still looking feminine and elegant.

Playtex also carries a shape-wear range that helps to mold your shape in to a smooth silhouette, perfect for squeezing your curves in to the little black dress. Perhaps you want your tummy flattened, hips slimmed or your thighs smoothed, then there is a Playtex shape-wear product out there for you. Most of the products are made from satin and lace so feel luxurious when wearing them.

Playtex is great for expecting mothers as it has a range of pregnancy bras including the extra comfort nursing soft cup and an under-wire nursing bra. There is also a flexible under-cup fabric braiding options that provides shape, support and absorbency. These products are all made with custom multiple settings so that you can adjust them to fit your body as it changes.

Playtex is a company that has been around for years and will surely continue to provide women with versatile and comfortable underwear whatever their needs. Playtex have been making women feel beautiful in their lingerie for years and with every style and design imaginable you are sure to find something to suit you with Playtex.

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