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For a woman underwear is equally important as outerwear. What you wear underneath your clothes acts as a foundation for the rest of your clothes and if you get this right it can really make your outfit. So many of us women are walking around in ill-fitting or old sagging bras and it is ruining the way our clothes fit on our bodies not to mention the damage it has to our self-esteem. I defy anyone to feel sexy in a greying pair of panties and a mis-matched bra.

Bali appreciate that beauty begins from within. They understand that is a feeling as well as a look and this is why they have created a range of beautiful bras, panties and shape wear. The range aims to make any woman feel beautiful and confident in their body shape and what they wear. When you feel good, you look good so get the foundations right and get the Bali range of underwear in your life.

The Bali brand began way back in 1927 when women’s foundation garments were designed to project a flat silhouette. It was Sara Stein, who was working for a bra manufacturing company at the time, who saw the opportunity to deliver a better garment. Her aim was to produce a product that would appeal to women, yet be functional in construction and fit.

She set about with her small Singer sewing machine at her home in Brooklyn and started to produce a different type of bra than had ever been seen before. Her husband then sold these to stores in the area and soon they were doing a roaring trade. The original name of the company was “Fay-Miss” a play on the word “famous.” The bras were an instant success and in 1935 “Fay-Miss” took on new name: Bali Brassiere Company.

The difference with the Bali Brassiere Company was that they weren’t solely interested in selling their bras for profit; rather they had a vested interest in quality, fit, performance and comfort. Bali were revolutionary in their designs and were the first manufacturers to introduce the bias cup bra as well as the first all-cotton bra. Each of their products were and still are today, designed to be as comfortable as possible and to enhance shape.

Today, the Bali brand is one of the significant brands in the underwear industry and stands equally against giants such as Playtex and Wonderbra. More than 80 years after the company was established, Bali still adheres to the original concept of designing and producing flattering, comfortable garments for women.

For more information on Bali bras, panties and shape-wear why not visit and have a look at the wide range of products available.

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