Women’s Winter Jackets – Stay stylish and warm this winter!

As a woman, I know that fashion is key to a happy lifestyle, but I also know that finding a winter Jacket can be extremely difficult. In the past I have spent weeks traipsing around shops and all over the internet trying to find something I liked, when I was totally over-looking some brilliant candidates.

In these Winter months, the days of leaving the house in just a cardigan are over, and I’ve since learned that sometimes, you can actually look great and keep warm at the same time! It’s all a matter of finding the right place.

The range on the market today is actually staggering, and I have learned that it is important to never overlook necessity. Believe it or not, you can actually buy stylish and comfortable coats that are well padded and lined. The best padding to go for would have to be fleece or down, it will keep you snug, and can either be your padding, or your main fabric! Either way, with a range of styles out there, there’s something for everyone and anyone.

We all know when there’s Winter, there’s snow and when there is snow there will be melting snow and rain! So now is a better time than ever to invest in a waterproof coat if you know you’ll be encountering a lot of rain this season! As well as rain resistant, waterproof coats are also often wind resistant too! I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s taken one look outside and decided not to leave the house! But those days are gone, with a good waterproof coat, you’ll actually want to get out in the rain because you’ll know that you’ll stay dry and warm no matter what!

But of course, we’re all looking for that touch of class and elegance, which is why a lot of coats this winter are coming lined with faux fur. Faux fur is one of the warmest kinds of materials, and it feels so silky soft to the touch that you’ll never want to take it off, why should coats look manly anyway? Faux fur lined coats are elegant, and above they are very feminine, and are guaranteed to keep you comfortable and warm.

However, we’re all aware that sometimes, stormy weather is a bit too much, that’s why we’re all looking for 3 in 1 parkers. Stylish, Versatile and they’re becoming increasingly popular. They often have a durable, wind and water resistant outer shell, and also tend to have a polar fleece zip-in/zip-out lining to them too. As well as this you also get a rollaway hood to use as you need it. By getting a 3 in 1 parker, you get 3 different looks in order to cover all sorts of weather, where one, wear two, or even wear all 3 at once. It’s because of this that Parkas are absolutely timeless, and will see you through for years to come.

Never neglect a good winter coat, the old saying used to go ‘Fashion before comfort’ but nowadays, you can get fashion and comfort together! You’ll be the warmest around this Winter!

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