Men's Columbia Fleece great for Winter

Men's Columbia Fleece great for Winter

Winter's cold embrace is slowly descending and whether you are a season veteran of the ski slopes or just a week-end warrior, finding just the right winter gear is an absolute necessity. With the boundless amounts of winter wear available, what distinguishes one from the other? Well, for one it pays to go with an industry leader and Columbia fleece is just such a company.

Columbia puffy jacket with company logo

Company logo jacket ideas from Columbia Sportswear.  Columbia Oyanta Trail Insulated Jacket in Dark Ivy

For 70 plus years Columbia fleece has been an outdoor's innovator and when it comes to winter, their line of sportswear fleece is second to none. I can clearly remember going down the small Pennsylvania mountains at Roundtop and Liberty as a teenager wearing the unbelievably warm and toasty Columbia Sportswear Fleece Jacket my mom had purchased for me just before the first middle school ski trip. Just what is it about Columbia fleece sportswear that has everyone talking? For starters it is not your average winter jacket. Columbia fleece winter coats have features that make even the people of outer Mongolia envious. Mother nature may have down feathers but Columbia fleece developed it's own version of down called MicroTemp XF II insulation made from 100% polyester. To meet the demanding winter weather Columbia fleece is made with a double-weave construction that is both wind resistent and water-proof.

Company ski trip with branded logo jackets

Columbia Fleece has several advantages. Let us go through a few of these. The winter coats are hydrophopic, (WHAT?!) meaning it repels water and even when it becomes fully soaked does not retain the water. (We are pretty sure this was invented by aliens!) This allows the water vapors to pass through without being held in by the fleece. This is especially handy if you are doing any type of physical exercise...skiing anyone? The other neat thing about Columbia Fleece is that it gives you that warm and toast feeling without looking like the Michelin Man! As it takes less volume to keep you warm.

Columbia womens all weather jacket with company logo

Add your company logo to the Columbia Ladies Arcadia II Jacket 2436 in Black

Columbia fleece sportswear come in a variety of styles to suit...even for the most fashion conscious. From the windproof Ballistic II which is made to withstand the strongest lashing of Mother Nature to their ladies mountain jacket perfect for wading through snow packs. Columbia fleece is not only versatile but combines the latest technology with style that will have you looking your best even in the toughest winter weather.

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