Nike Golf Clothing Innovations

Tiger Woods not withstanding, Nike golf clothing has many innovations besides being associated to it's legendary figure. Nike golf clothing now comes in all styles and because of Tiger Woods, Nike has a designed a top line of clothing to meet the exacting standard of the games top player. Corporate gift golf shirts are at the top of the list for many executives and can be custom embroidered with your company logo. Quality does vary and of course it pays to spend on a quality golf shirt that someone will actually wear and be comfortable in. In contrast, cheap golf shirts lose their shape, colors fade and shrink after the first wash or two. Nike clothing, in contrast, combine refined styling, with the latest technological advancement in clothing comfort. Nike's Dri-Fit fabric actually traps the sweat away from the body, and transports it to the fabric's surface where it evaporates and thusly cools the wearer. This truly makes for a first rate golf shirt that "breathes". I, for one, dislike it when I am on the back nine and I am starting to sweat more and if I have worn the WRONG shirt that day, then it will definitely affect my game! Nike clothing also features a women's line. Ladies will appreciate the luxury and fashionable styling Nike offers. Nike makes the most comfortable women's golf shirts available. Stay cool when the heat is on. Engineered with Dri-FIT fabric to expertly handle moisture, the comfortable women's micro pique golf shirt has an exceptionally soft feel. It is tailored for a uniquely feminine tapered fit with its standard and always smart-looking Johnny collar. So, Nike golf clothing is fashionable enough to go from the country club to the corporate office and still offer the highest level of function. Again, go for quality where form meets function. While we mere mortals can only dream of playing like Tiger Woods, we can at least play at the same level of comfort thanks to Nike Golf Clothing.
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