The Fishing Shirt

The lure of fishing (pun INTENDED), whether angling or big game fishing, is more than most die-hard fisherman can handle. It must be the salty ocean air, hypnotic and rhythmic waves or perhaps it is simply the challenge of man versus beast... um... er... fish. "Hope we don't need a bigger boat!" Whatever the reason, fishing requires attention to detail for baits, lures, fishing poles and, of course, fishing apparel. One place that should not be overlooked is the fishing shirt. Whether bass fishing or fly fishing, from the novice to the tournament fishermen...a high quality fishing shirt is a must. It is not just clothing but an essential piece of fishing equipment. There are several considerations to think of before you buy your next fishing shirt. Of course, different seasons require adaptations to your fishing clothing needs. Let's examine this more closely. A medium weight material is ideal for the fall and spring, and for the days when it gets warm in the afternoon some air flow would certainly be preferable. Contrast this with the baking (and sometimes scorching especially when the breeze stops at slack tide) heat of summer-time... this calls for a light weight material that breathes (has lots and lots and lots of airflow) and more superior sun protection. By the time winter takes it's turn, you'll need to focus on material that will keep you warm, but also one that will keep moisture at at an absolute minimum. So all year long you certainly can not wear the same fishing shirt... it just won't work and the FISH will know it! :-D Now, fishing shirts also need a functional design. This can mean many things but the most important aspect is having Velcro-closed fly box pockets for all of the tools and gadgets you'll need to keep at the ready for when that fish is caught! (I wish there was a magic pocket for the fishing net!) Having roll up sleeves make for extra added comfort especially when the fish are biting. A convenient rod holder tab is an absolute essential. I can remember many a time fishing at the community dock and wishing I had an extra hand! Other things to consider on your fishing shirt are wrinkle and stain resistance. Fish guts are nasty enough. And fish guts on your new fishing shirt will not make the wife happy! The perfect fishing shirt with these types of features will make it as functional as Batman's utility belt for sure! Your fishing shirt better provide sun protection! This is not an area to be taken lightly. With all the sun exposure this is one area to pay particular attention. UPF is an abbreviation for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. This fabric rating system is used to measure the effectiveness to protect skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Look for fishing shirts that have a rating of 30 UPF or higher which blocks about 95% of UV (ultra-violet radiation).
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