Men's Polo Shirts

What is more ubiquitous then the men's polo shirt? Ever since Rene Lacoste popularized his shirt for tennis back in 1926, these mens polo shirts have only grown in popularity. I certainly wore them constantly in middle school and high school. Polo shirts seem to have become the hip clothing for the Hi-Tech world but can be worn for many occasions. The question is how to bring style to the Polo shirt? Is it just a matter of flipping up the collar? Not any more... let's look at a few things: Regarding the rainbow of colors possible in a Polo Shirt, it is in this area that Polo shirts really excel. One can easily find a vast array of men's polo shirt color schemes and patterns to choose from. From your professional looking black to fun stripes or preppy fashion, color is not an issue. Just be sure to stay in colors appropriate to your work environment but make sure have as much fun as you can possibly have while still maintaining your job while wearing your cool polo shirt! First and foremost is to get a good fitted polo shirt. By this, we mean having a trim fit across the shoulders. Not too loose and certainly not uber-tight! So be sure to avoid the youthful slacker look. Go for a natural comfortable fit with no pulling or bunching of the material. Your sleeves should come to the middle of your bicep and not be constricted, unless of course you have oversized biceps and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it! If not, go hit the gym! Finally, when in an office setting, be sure to always keep your polo shirt tucked in. Tennis anyone? From professionals in their own private practice such as dentists and acupuncturists to more mundane occupations (retailers, small business office staff, club and bar staff) the semi-relaxed look, fit and feel of the Polo shirt allows for practical style and comfort for everyone. People become more relaxed when a professional is not wearing a three piece suit! To review, ideal polo shirts will always have the 2-button raised placket, drop-tail hem, banded sleeves, good fit, good quality, and clean cut. That's a classic look in the office and on the putting green.
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