Backpacks for every occasion

It’s becoming a well known fact that backpacks are essential gear, whether you’re hiking up the mountains, or fitting in a quick round of golf, there’s a backpack suitable for whatever you’re up to. At the moment, there is an increasingly wide variety of backpacks available on the market, ranging from the very cheap, to the very expensive, so how do you know which one is right for you? It can be difficult choosing correctly, but it needn’t be as hard as it looks. Some of the best and cost effective backpacks on the market today have to be Victorinox, TaylorMade and Ogio, down to the fact that they are durable, well made and completely versatile. Victorinox are most famous for their Swiss Army range, and at the moment they are excelling themselves with their unique range of backpacks. One of Victorinox’s most popular backpacks has to be their Canberra Dual Compartment Laptop Pack. Perfect for business people and members of the corporate world, this lightweight bag allows you to safely transport your laptop around with extreme ease on your back, easing the strain you may feel in your hands and arms from carrying it in briefcases. This bag is also perfect for storing other items, such as business documents, stationary, or just about anything else you can fit into it. Another popular Victorinox backpack has to be the iSling Monosling, a unique bag that goes comfortably over your shoulder. Made from durable and strong nylon, this bag is ideal for sports activities, especially tennis or other racket games, and can be adjusted to ensure it stays secure and in place should you wish to use it when running. It’s flat and lightweight ensuring that it’ll never get in your way or hold you back. TaylorMade are well known for there stunning range of golf bags, backpacks and accessories, a perfect brand for those who enjoy a day out on the golf fields. The TaylorMade Players Business backpack allows you to take it with you in style; it has an internal padded area for your laptop storage, should you wish to take it with you, as well as plenty of compartments and side pockets that allow for quick and easy access to any of your golfing accessories, it’s perfect and easy to carry, making those weekends away playing golf or the more relaxing. For the technology lovers among us, Ogio couldn’t be a more perfect backpack for you. Their ‘Epic Backpack’ is as fantastic as it sounds, and goes beyond your typical backpack and is more of a tech organizer. The backpack itself has many ingenious compartments and sleeves, allowing you to store any gadgets, cords and of course, your laptop, everything has a position within this bag, so you never have to worry about your pricey technology being insecure and getting knocked around during transit. It contains file sliders, pencil sleeves and two fleece lined digital media device, as well as a large drop-in fleece-lined valuables pocket, and a top neoprene grab handle for secure carrying wherever you’re off to. Nowadays, you don’t have to struggle finding the perfect backpack, there’s a wide variety out there, so why settle for something that will break within the first week? Especially if you were looking to be carry items that are important to you. Victorinox, TaylorMade and Ogio are 3 brands that always ensure quality and peace of mind, so if you’re looking for a quality backpack that will serve its purpose for years to come, they are definitely the brands to start with.
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