How to Choose the Right Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are a classic addition to any wardrobe. They are great for dressing up or down. If you are shopping for polo shirts online, you may have questions about what exactly the descriptions mean. There are a few main categories of fabrics that you will have to choose from, including cotton, jersey knit, pique and sport knits. Polo shirts are available in pique or smooth finish. Pique polo shirts have a raised, corded pattern. They can add style and personality to a run-of-the-mill polo. Pique fabrics come in cotton, polyester and silk blends. Cotton is a classic, breathable fabric. It is popular for office and casual wear. Cotton polos are generally the least expensive. Check to see if the cotton polo you are looking at is pre-shrunk or not, as this can affect your size choice. Allow for some shrinking with 100% cotton. Cotton polos are very comfortable and soft, but may require some ironing. Cotton polos may also stain more easily than other fabrics. They might be a little heavy for sports, so consider a polyester blend or sport knit for strenuous activity. Jersey knit polo shirts are a little lighter and easier to clean than cotton shirts. They come anywhere from 1%-50% polyester blended with cotton. The more polyester, the lighter the shirt will be. Jersey knit polo shirts resist stains and are easy to clean. They also rarely require ironing. They have a little bit of a smoother look and feel than cotton polos, making them a good choice wash and wear. Cotton and jersey knit polo shirts are both great choices for breathability in warm weather. Most silk blends are combined with polyester and cotton. Silk blended fabrics have minimal shrinkage, resist fading and have a really soft and smooth feel. Silk blends are popular for their ironed appearance and extremely soft, cashmere touch. These polo shirts are wonderful choices for work or times when you want to be comfortable but still have a polished appearance. Sport knit polo shirts are the most lightweight polo shirts on the market. They are also available in a mid-weight style for added warmth. The sport knit fabric is made up mostly of nylon. It comes in varying degrees of stretch, breathability and water resistance. Some incorporate a wicking technology that takes moisture from your skin and propels it to the outside of the shirt, keeping you cool and dry on hot days or during athletic activity. Nylon fabrics are very stain resistant, just about never need ironing and usually will not fade. Shrinking is also minimal for sport knit polos. When you know how to choose the right polo shirt, it will be like custom clothing designed for your specific needs. Choose your polo shirt depending on the weather, the use of the shirt and the level of care that you wish to put into it. No matter which style you choose, you know that you can depend on the classic look of the polo shirt to make you look good no matter if you are at home, playing sports or at work.
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