Screen Print School T Shirts

Schools need more t shirts printed than just about anyone else. These t shirts need to be extra durable, breathable and inexpensive for students and parents to buy. Screen printing is a great option for school event and spirit t shirts. Schools use screen printed t shirts for individual classes, fund raisers, field day, field trips and much more. The school can usually keep a portion of their t shirt sales and make extra money. There are countless items that you can have your school logo, mascot or name printed on. Ribbons, cups and t shirts are great screen print items that your school can use to raise money and school spirit. Screen print t shirts are of an exceptional quality that far surpasses that of an iron-on. A screen printers t shirt has the ink shot directly through all of the tiny spaces of the fabric, so it cannot peel. Since it is ink, it helps the fabric to remain soft, unlike plastic-feeling iron-on transfers. Keeping the t shirts breathable is important when you are clothing children for warmer weather. One popular idea for schools is to have each class design their own custom class t shirt. You can use their drawings, school logo, teacher’s name and student’s names to create a unique keepsake for your students. T shirts that feature student’s names or drawings are big sellers and can help your school raise much needed funds very quickly. Parents generally appreciate fund raisers like this that does not require them to go out and sell overpriced items to their friends and family. Schools use screen printed apparel to raise money at sporting events, too. School spirit wear is popular with students, parents and alumni. You can mark these items up just about as much as you need to make extra money because they sell so well. Some schools even produce a new spirit t shirt every week featuring the team they are playing. Catchy phrases about beating the opponent are popular with students and make great souvenirs or awards. Your sports teams and cheerleaders can sell these t shirts throughout their seasons to raise funds for your athletics department. School t shirts print is very durable when you use the screen print process. You will not have to worry about peeling, fading, breathability or gathering with high quality screen printed custom clothing. Plus, the cost is low enough that you can use a screen printers t shirt for just about any occasion in your school.
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