Custom Clothing: Screen Printing or Embroidery

If you are looking to design your own company or organization t shirt, there are a few different processes you can consider. Embroidery and screen printing are highly sought after methods for producing and printing your logo on apparel. They hold up well through washing and ironing. They do not peel, shrink or fade, even after years of wear. The detail that can be achieved through embroidery and screen printing is superior to any other form of t-shirt or apparel printing. With embroidery, make sure you ask about the quality of thread and the amount of detail that can be achieved by the manufactures machine. The last thing you want is to have a lot of t shirts or hats made and not have them come in looking like you expected them to. With embroidery and screen printing, there is usually no refund because your items can not be resold. Provide a high resolution file of your logo for maximum detail. Quality is something that should not be sacrificed with embroidery, because you do not want your logo to make a bad impression. Blurry, blocked or unraveling embroidery can give the wrong impression of your business or organization. Smaller print can sometimes become unreadable if you order from a discount manufacturer. Make sure that you talk to an experienced person before you place an order so that you can get a professional opinion about the design and how it will turn out. Screen printing is another high quality option for t shirt or polo printing needs. Some people wonder if screen printing is similar to iron-on images. Screen printing is actually a lot more durable and the images can be a lot sharper than with iron-on. The screen printing machine shoots ink down into the fabric, so it becomes part of the fabric. Iron-on transfers sit on top of the garment, which is why it tends to fade and peel. A screen printers t shirt has a much softer feel as well. Iron-on can feel sticky, hot and a lot like plastic, even after multiple washings. Screen printing does not require that the garments be put under pressure, so it is very useful for printing on a variety of items. Screen printing is commonly used to print on hats, bags, cups and ink pens. A screen printers t shirt quality is superior to other ink printing methods. It is highly preferred when used for a custom logo that needs to appear sharp and detailed. When you use embroidery or screen printing for your custom clothing, you can be confident in the fact that you are choosing the two highest quality methods of communicating your logo through your custom apparel.
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