Embroidery Logo Concerns

When ordering custom apparel for your business or organization, you can’t go wrong with a high quality embroidered logo. But, how can you be certain that the embroidery services you order will come out how you expect? Will the colors be right? Will the logo look crisp and sharp? Will the threads fray or get fuzzy? These are questions and concerns that you may have. Here are some basic embroidery facts to help you know what you are getting when you order your company logo embroidered on custom apparel. 1) Ask about number of stitches per square inch. The number of stitches is usually about two thousand per square inch. If your embroiderer uses a machine that maxes out at one thousand stitches per square inch, then you can expect that the logo will be thin and that you may see the fabric through the design. This is not a good thing. 2) Talk to a knowledgeable person about your choices. Number of stitches can vary greatly depending on the type of fabric that you choose. If you want your embroidered logo to look its best, then ask if the shirts or custom apparel that you chose works well with embroidery. 3) Consider 3D embroidery for very bold designs. Your logo or design may have to be altered to look its best in 3D embroidery, but the payoff could be great. 3D embroidery is most popular on hats. 4) Find out what thread options your embroiderer offers. Polyester and cotton threads may be strong, but they will lose their sheen, get fuzzy and pill up after washing. Top embroiderers only use rayon thread for embroidery. 5) Ask about colorization. Most companies will dye embroidery thread to match your logo colors exactly. This is of great importance when you are using embroidered custom apparel to help brand your image or send a consistent message. 6) The image that you send needs to be digitized in order to show up exactly as you planned. Take a look at the final image to approve it before you order, or ask for a sample to be sent before you order in bulk. Letters generally cannot be read if they are smaller than 3/16”. A good embroidery company will talk to you about all of these things when you get ready to order. They should happily address all of your concerns and be able to give you details about the work that they do. They should also be able to point out reasons for doing things the way that they do, and the reasons should point to higher quality, not saving money. Choose the right embroiderer and your custom clothing will come out looking great and stay looking great, wash after wash.
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