Promotional Screen Print T-Shirts

Using screen printers t-shirts for promotional purposes is an affordable, effective plan. Screen printed shirts can be custom designed to meet your specific needs. You can have your logo, event or campaign message easily designed and printed on a t-shirt for a very low cost. Let’s evaluate how this can be an effective tool for you to use in your next promotion, branding attempt, or employee recognition program. Here’s an idea; you can have your customers or employees participate in a logo design or promotion design contest. This will help create a buzz about the promotion and engage your clients and employees in promoting your business. Customers and employees are loyal to companies that include them in business plans or promotions. Being involved personally helps clients and employees feel appreciated and part of your team. This kind of motivational recognition can be instrumental in keeping staff and a customer base happy. It can keep customers from shopping around for a different company to work with. With the global economy in a slump, customers and clients may have no problem getting a deal on services from desperate companies. This activity is making business turn-over a nightmare for a lot of companies. You need to take action to let your customers know that they are appreciated. At the same time, you do not want to blow a lot of money doing so. Screen printed t-shirts of a high quality make interesting motivational gifts. They create brand identity, image and loyalty where it may have been wavering before. However you go about getting your design, it needs to be digitized by a graphic designer before it can be printed on a t-shirt. Once you approve the design, you can usually request a sample. Make sure that you like everything about the t-shirt print. High quality screen prints should not peel, bubble or crack even after multiple washings. Sometimes it’s not the screen print quality, but the t-shirt quality. Check for see-through fabric, shotty seam work or a rough feel. Many people cannot stand a neck that is too tight. Put the shirt on to see if it is comfortable or not. You can use a screen print company that prints on name brand t-shirts so that you have an idea of the quality before you get involved. Ordering in bulk can save you money. Check around for prices and quality. Ask about shipping deals or discounts for ordering in large numbers. Once you get the screen printers t shirt that is of the highest quality, you, your clients and your employees are sure to be happy with them.
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