Embroidered Polo Shirts Turn a Blank Shirt into a Brand Awareness Builder

A polo shirt can become a fantastic marketing tool for your company. A professionally embroidered logo makes a difference when seeing the final results. Not to mention that a polo shirt looks much more sophisticated, stylish and attractive versus a t-shirt, and is accepted in more places with more affluent employees, clients, and potential customers. Having your logo on shirts is vital in building your brand awareness, trust, and loyalty from your customers. Any business with door to door sales or retail location will benefit from having their company logo on uniform polo’s. Polo shirt embroidery will help you to create a promotional uniform for your employees - in today's extremely competitive business markets it is critical to share your logo everywhere possible. Let your potential customers see the style of your employees through the appearance of your staff. Embroidered polo shirts are also a wonderful product for handing out during benefits which are important to the company such as the anniversary of the founding of your business, a celebration of a recent achievement, big trade shows, exhibitions, presentations, important negotiations, seminars etc. It is also not a bad idea to reward your employees for some achievements. Or to send a polo shirt with your logo embroidered on it as a gift to your business partners, and new customers. Embroidery is one of the most long lasting ways of putting a design on a fabric. Polo shirt embroidery will not only look good, but will also last for a long time, even if the clothes are used and washed frequently embroidery stands the test of time. This is a perfect addition for plain uniforms. With so many styles of polo’s, there is no reason you can't find a suitable design for your polo shirt before getting it embroidered and used in your promotional strategies. The variety of polo shirts available makes it possible to choose the right one for every possible occasion: Sleeveless or long-sleeved, fitted or loose, striped, multicolored, made of cotton or polyester, with pockets and without, two- or three-buttoned etc. The size and position of your logo should be scaled according to the type of polo shirt you have chosen. Most logos are positioned on the left-chest, but the availability to put the embroidery anywhere on the shirt helps you be unique. In the middle of the sleeve or behind the neck are other popular spots. Today polo shirt embroidery is done with the help of computer technologies and special sewing machines. After you provide the design of the logo, any professional embroidery company will provide a stitch out sample of your logo before running the entire order. Sometimes, if the logo is too small, it is impossible to reproduce all the tiny details, and your logo may look slightly different than the original artwork. Once you review the sample stitch out of the final design and approve it the embroidery of your logo shirts will begin. Be sure to approve it before any embroidery is started, otherwise you might end up getting a whole volume of polo shirts you are not particularly happy with. You can use all basic colors for the embroidery. Stay away from subtle half-tones because they may not look the way you want in a tiny stitch. Polo shirt embroidery can be expensive in large sizes, which is why your budget should be planned carefully in advance. Before starting to speak with embroidery companies, already have your size breakdown, ie S,M,L,XL and quantities ready so you can receive a fast quote. The larger your logo, the more it will cost because embroidery is priced by the stitch count. A higher stitch count equals more thread, time, and experience. The cost of embroidery or the detail of your logo may prevent embroidery, perhaps a better option would be to choose a screen print instead. Custom embroidered polo shirts look more sophisticated and lasts longer than screen printing tees, which is a good investment for the growth of your business.
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