Custom Polo Shirts for the approaching summer weather

In recent years, the polo shirt has become the number one fashion staple around the world, made truly famous by Ralph Lauren when it was made a prominent part of one of his ranges in 1972, since then, polo shirts have been massively popular all over the world, but it’s not just because of their high fashion status. Polo shirts are comfortable, light and look great with everything, and with summer fast approaching, it’s about time you stocked up on this years summer must-have. When talking men's polo shirts, there are a few brands that really stand out, and are providing a unique range of polo’s with unique technology to ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy summer as comfortably as possible, and these brands are Nike, Adidas, Izod, Port Authority, Ultra Club and Red House, so you’ll have a lot to choose from this year! Choosing a polo shirt isn’t difficult, most people tend to choose style over comfort, but why sacrifice your comfort when you can have both? At the moment, Nike are excelling themselves with their new Tiger Woods Collection. A selection of polo shirts perfect for a day out playing golf, their Tiger Woods range utilizes dynamic styling and technology as only they can achieve, with special Dri-FIT moisture wicking technology ensuring you feel cool and dry throughout the day, all completed with Tiger Woods’ trademark metal link on the left sleeve, you’ll seriously look and feel the part. Adidas have also followed the Polo Shirt trend with their ClimaCool Motion Mesh Polo, styled with a UV and anti-microbial finish. This polo is perfect if you live in a particularly hot climate, as its extreme mesh body and added heat seals ensure you never over heat the minute you step out of the house! They come in a range of fashionable colors and styles; perfect for whatever you may need it for. Izod may not be as well known as a few of the more mainstream brands, but they still deliver on performance. Their Body Mapping Polo is a popular member of their selection, it’s body mapped construction and Antimicrobial UV protection make it a perfect polo for every day wear, or just lounging around in the sun. If you’re a sporting professional, it’s obvious that you want a polo shirt that delivers on all bases and with Port Authority; you’ll get the performance you need from a polo. Their Rapid Dry framed sports polo is a popular choice amongst women, as its clean lines and superior moisture management make it an unbeatable choice for sporting professionals. On top of this, they’re ultra stylish with contemporary, short hemmed sleeves, and perfect for customizing with embroidery if you play as a team. The UltraClub Cool-N-Dry Elite Performance Polo is a polo that utilizes only the best technology in order to offer up a men's Polo Shirt that gives the very best performance. Intuitive to your body, the polo wicking system keeps you feeling fresh, as if there was a fan inside your shirt; it has a relaxed fit as well as UV 30 sun protection and side vents for the ultimate ‘cool-n-dry’ experience. Sometimes we just want to soak in some luxury, and believe it or not, Polo’s can be incredibly luxurious, especially if they are made by Red House. Their textured silk Polo is the epitome of comfort, style and elegance, all in the form of a polo shirt. It’s expertly crafted silk-blend fabric feels smooth and soft on the inside, and the unique pique knit adds a different and compelling texture on the outside. It’s a beautiful creation, and perfect for those days where you’re skins feeling a little sensitive or you just want to wear something that feels luxurious! Polo’s always have been, and always will be, a crucial part of the fashion scene, whichever style or color, they go with everything, and they’re the perfect attire for the upcoming summer months, so if you’re sick of feeling hot and sticky every year, it’s about time you invested in a polo for a cool and comfortable summer.
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