Employee receiving a gift

Step up Your Corporate Swag With Custom North Face Backpacks

Employee receiving a gift

Anyone that commutes to work or brings items to trade shows and other events needs some kind of container to keep it all organized and safe. But while workers decades ago might have opted for a briefcase or some kind of satchel or carry bag, most people today opt for the convenience and ease of a backpack. Indeed, the lowly backpack is having somewhat of a resurgence these days, and everyone from tech workers to sales and even customer service reps are all reaching for that backpack when they head into the office.

For your employees, that means custom North Face backpacks would be a great gift at any time of year. And as we head into the holiday season, there's nothing quite like receiving an employee gift of North Face backpacks. Not only are North Face backpacks highly desirable, but they're also made extremely well, more at home in the wild than at the office, and that means a dependable gift that will pay dividends for years to come.

Even if your employees don't bring items to and from the office, personalized North Face backpacks communicate that you value their workplace contributions, and they can certainly use that backpack on their next camping trip or even just to transport items over the weekend. And as they use their custom North Face backpack, they'll appreciate the sentiment while the branding up front will reaffirm their allegiance to your company as a dedicated and hard worker.

Employee Gifts Are More Than Just Presents

The best part about custom corporate North Face backpacks is that it's the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do your employees get a great backpack to use day after day as they head into the office, but, for your company, it's a way to associate positive feelings on behalf of your employees. They're also a worthwhile investment in your employees since the cost of such a premium gift is negligible compared to the value that it can bring in enhanced productivity on the back end. 

Sure, some employees may take the gift and never think twice about it, but for every one of those, there will be countless employees that will cherish that custom North Face backpack according to the value that it brings to their lives. That can be worth far more than a gift certificate or another gift that will likely be forgotten about in a few weeks while the backpack can be used for years and years.

And regardless of whether a given employee uses their custom North Face backpack on a daily basis or once in a blue moon, they'll still see your logo on the front, as well as a useful item that is desirable in its own right. That can help employees feel more connected to your company and more willing to do the things that are needed to excel in their work, all of which can add far more to your bottom line than what a simple gift would suggest.

Reward Your Employees With Customized Gifts

While much of the world is awash in cheap goods that don't really stand the test of time, much less create desire in others -- many things are often seen as disposable even before they're actually used -- premium swag and other branded merchandise is far more than just another item. In many circles, custom North Face backpacks are seen as status symbols of a person's dedication to themselves or, in this instance, an example of their value to their employer.

After all, when employees shop for apparel and other items on their own, they often gravitate towards items that confer value. In many instances, this means a reputable brand that is known for good quality and has recognition in the eyes of the consumer. They also know that years down the line, their custom North Face backpack will still be seen as a valuable item, and that's much better than a backpack or bag that will likely fall apart in a few weeks or months, especially under the rigors of daily commuting.

For those that are struggling with job satisfaction and an increase in their daily responsibilities, a custom North Face backpack can be the item that helps them realize their value and their contributions to the team. That can help when it comes to loyalty and may even help them go the extra mile when it matters most. Instead of letting job satisfaction slowly deteriorate until it starts affecting their work, a custom North Face backpack signals true value and an appreciation for what it is that your employees have to offer in their approach to work and how they see their employer.

That can be much better than an unmemorable gift that is likely lost or tossed soon after the gift is given. That's because most company swag are cheap tokens meant to be given away for free at conferences or events -- things such as pens, coffee mugs and tote bags -- while a custom North Face backpack sits decidedly at the other end of the spectrum. 

If you're ready to get started with custom premium swag for your employees, shop our custom corporate North Face backpacks today!

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